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Christmas ideas for a baby

Updated on December 10, 2012
Involving Baby In Christmas
Involving Baby In Christmas | Source

baby's Christmas

A baby's Christmas is an exciting time for the whole family. Consider the baby's age at the time of their Christmas and be sure to include age appropriate gifts that baby will enjoy. give your unique baby equally unique gifts. Celebrate this fleeting, precious time with gifts they'll enjoy now and treasure forever. After all, you're only a kid once!

hand made christmas gifts
hand made christmas gifts | Source
christmas baby gifts idea
christmas baby gifts idea | Source
gift ideas for Baby's first Christmas
gift ideas for Baby's first Christmas | Source

Christmas gift ideas

Babies seem to have the most fun frolicking in the empty boxes and crumpled wrapping paper produced every December 25th, the situation could easily, however callously, take care of itself. But seriously, a few things need to be considered when purchasing gifts for babies. Should you purchase toys or, if your crafty, go home-made. Babies will get the same enjoyment either way, and the parents will appreciate the time you took to actually make the gift. Just be sure to be extra careful to produce a toy that's age appropriate and safe for the child. In today's lawsuit-prone society, even the closest of family members have turned to the courts over the most frivolous of disagreements.

If you decide to produce the item yourself, and your especially good with a sewing machine, needle and thread, clothing and blankets are always a big hit, if not with little Johnny, at least with Mom and Dad. A quick Google search will produce hundreds of downloadable patterns you can use to produce the perfect outfit. Or maybe your handy with power tools. Children throughout history have enjoyed small wooden toys like trucks and noise-makers.

If you're no Martha Stewart, or just don't feel you have the time to invest, its time to enter the fray that is the December shopping season. Now your choice is Internet or brick-and-mortar, or some mixture of the two.

Babies need stuff. coloring books and crayons, age-appropriate arts and crafts, even big boxes of diapers make great gifts. Just be sure to include a mixture of fun items with necessities. Old favorites like dolls, small tricycles, cars and trucks, and see-and-say's are always popular and surfing the net will provide lists of what new and improved for 2012.

If your purchasing for other families, the most important consideration this holiday season is the economic situation of the family for whom your buying. Be sure to keep your gift appropriate and consider the parent's feelings. Few things can create hard feelings like purchasing gifts for baby that the parents couldn't themselves afford.

Christmas baby toys
Christmas baby toys | Source
Learn and Groove Musical Table
Learn and Groove Musical Table | Source
Play Center
Play Center | Source
Disney Tub Time Bubble Maker ( Winnie the Pooh )
Disney Tub Time Bubble Maker ( Winnie the Pooh ) | Source

Baby toys for Christmas

Put the babes right in the middle of legendary Toy Land this Christmas. Watch those little eyes sparkle and twinkle at the delight of opening a few special gifts that have been awaiting their debut underneath the tree. There’s no need for parents to worry about the naughty or nice list, baby’s always nice! Keep those little bundles of joy busy for days with these top 5 baby toys for Christmas:

Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical Table

Give busy little hands and imaginative young minds this spectacular learning table. Lights, music, and sounds provide interactive entertainment that babies are sure to love. This table has received a 4 star rating by Toys R Us parents and can be purchased in-store or online and averages approximately $45.00. The manufacturer’s suggested age for this toy be 6 months and up.This zany toy has won the following awards:
2006 iParenting Media Outstanding Products Award

2006 National Parenting Publications

Honors Award 2006 Parents Magazine

Mom-Tested Toys of the Year Award

The Spin-tacular Play Center

All things on this spin-tacular toy are completely baby-powered! Forget batteries or charging, this toy is ready for play straight out of the box! The entirety of the toy is 100% washable and has the added bonus of a suctioning cup which is great for tables, walker trays, and high chairs. This silly-spinning baby enlightener has received a 5 star rating by Toys R Us parents and retails for approximately $15.00. The age recommendation is 6-18 months.

Disney Tub Time Bubble Maker ( Winnie the Pooh )

Bath toys like this can create a soapy good time for the baby that‘s going rub-a-dub-dub in the tub. The bubble machine suctions to the wall and generates lots of bubbly smiles as little ones try to pop the bubbles. Not only great for use as a bath toy, but this toy can actually become a parent’s helper. How? Well, there are those certain little people that are fearful of the big, deep tub and giving the gift of the Disney Tub Time Bubble Maker can create a wonderful distraction as well as calming fears. Once baby sees all of the fun bubble action going on in the tub, he or she may be ready to just jump on in! This toy is recommended for ages 0-6 months and retails for approximately $13.00 at Target ( online only ).

Make this gift giving season a magical one for that special baby who has been so good all year— or at least from the time they made their arrival!


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