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Christmas is for everyone!

Updated on December 15, 2012

All dressed up for Christmas!


Singing at a Senior Residential care home

Christmas is my favorite time of year! It is not my best music to sing but we love to share it with the seniors we meet at the many Senior homes we visit. They love the music, fellowship and when we are there at "Happy Hour" --the wine and snacks!

Today we were entertaining in Napa, Ca. We sing there twice each month and just love spending the time with the folks there. We always invite them to sing along so sometimes in our videos you can hear voices in the background--it is them, having fun!

I shared a couple of my Christmas poems with them today and they seemed to truly enjoy them.

CHRISTMAS-A Special Time

Christmas is a very special time

for a jolly old man dressed in red

he has a white beard, and rosy red cheeks

and he rides through the air in a sled!!

Now if you can just picture him rushing around

frantically checking his list

Shane and Janae and Kevin and Krystal

are just a few names he can't miss

He's been making toys in his workshop

with lots of help from his elves

they are tiny little people with big pointy ears

they help make all the toys on Santa's shelves

Dolls with curly hair that say," Mama, pick me up"

big teddy bears or a Dalmatian pup

fire trucks with sirens..bikes with ten speeds

balls made for bouncing or books you can read

Mrs. Claus always has cookies and milk

for Santa and the elves to munch

she makes tiny clothes for the little folks to wear

then invites them to Christmas eve brunch

Then it's time to start loading the toys for the ride

the bag is so full they're falling over the side

but Santa must be magic cause they never fall out

as he glides through the air with a jolly shout...


Merry Christmas to he disappears from sight

rushing to finish his magical flight!!!

Christmas, my favorite time of year

The Christmas story


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