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Christmas star. A super simple, easy how to make a Christmas Star perfect for Kids Christmas Craft

Updated on March 25, 2014

When the kids have nothing to do and are driving you nuts get out the glitter, glue and pop sticks to make this super simple, Christmas Star. This hub is perfect for Kids Christmas Craft. Let the kids fill your tree with good cheers and glittery home made stars. Such a lovely home made touch to kick off the festive season.You might just have a go at one yourself!

What you need

  • String, ribbon, twine, wool or wood glue
  • Scissors
  • 5x sticks the same length.

Extras - glitter, dried flowers, colored cottons or twine.



  1. Tie or glue together ends of two of the sticks. Repeat with two more sticks so there is a total of four sticks used as shown in the picture.
  2. Cross over the fork part of your sticks so that and end of each meets and tie or glue together as shown in the second picture.
  3. Using your last free stick, lay across the top of the star so each end meets the left out end of the forks of your other twigs. Glue or tie both ends.
  4. To enable your star to hang tie a pretty Christmas ribbon around the top leaving a loop to hang from.

Other materials you could use.

This is such a basic star to make that you can replace the sticks with other things such as:

  • garden twigs
  • straws of any kind and color
  • cardboard in a variety of colors.
  • Straight, dried leaves that possess a bit of strength to withstand the whole Christmas.
  • florist wire or pipe cleaners
  • all those old, colored pencils for a really fun look.
  • tin foil - rolled upwrapped around satay sticks or folded for extra strength
  • Xmas paper - rolled up and taped or folded for extra strength

There are so many ways to use these stars. Hang them for decoration on their own. Make a cute collage with them in different sizes, colors and textures, personalize them with someone's name, glue candy to them, glue a photo on the back so it shows through the middle of the star. You could do the same with last years cards. Cut out the Xmas pictures or Xmas verses you like and glue onto the back of the star so the Xmas picture/ verse shows through the middle. Or you could just hang some Xmas bells from them and of course don't forget the glitter. Use your imagination and let the kids get into the mood for Xmas.

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