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The History of Christmas Villages with light bulbs Inside-Buy Christmas villages at Amazon and Ebay

Updated on October 19, 2011

History of Christmas Villages

A Christmas village is a decrative miniture village that is set up during the Christmas season and was started by the Pennsylvania Dutch. During the early and mid 20-century cardboard Christmas villages were popular while later in the century porcelain became popular. Initially the cardboard houses were imported from Japan in the 1920's. Modern villages are made of ceramic, resin, or porcelain and are very well detailed. Many houses are lighted with a bulb inside and have figurines around the village and may have some sort of theme. Often the villages are placed underneath the Christmas tree but can be placed anywhere such as on tables or countertops. I started the Christmas village because of my mother who loves to decorate for the holidays.

Amazon has a Christmas story reproduction of the house where Ralphie lived and even has the leg lamp in the downstaires window. there are also lights around the outside of the front porch. This house looks just like the house in the movie. It is a tradition that I atleast buy one piece to go with my village every year.

Many people including my children look forward to seeing my village every year and even love to help set it up which often times takes hours to do.


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