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Christmas Indoor Lights and Yard Lights

Updated on October 27, 2015

Indoor and Outdoor Christmas Lights

In this article on Christmas lighting and yard lights, I want to not only show some great decorated yard art using Christmas lights and other decorative items, but also to point you in the direction of a number of Christmas lighting needs you may have this season, so you can go directly to some sources to quickly and inexpensively acquire them.

But before we get into all that, you need to put together a plan for the outdoors and indoors as to what you want to add to your Christmas lights this year.

For example, maybe you already have some lights from plans for past Christmas decoration needs, but want to add some new designs to your lawn to create some new Christmas yard art. So you'll have to decide how many and what color lights you'll need to complete that project.

You also may be thinking in terms of using different types of lights to change or add to your Christmas tree or indoor decorations. In the past I rediscovered bubble lights, and as a result added them one year to our indoor Christmas light design, and have never regretted it, as they look great.

Christmas light options

In the first part of this Christmas light article I thought I'd put together some lights that most people are looking for and would use for their Christmas decorating in the majority of cases, while offering an easy way to get them if you're looking for ideas and want to add more lights to your Christmas decorations this year.

There are a variety of colors, purposes and specialty lights I'll include in the photos below.

The first one are very standard but highly desired mult-colored string along lights you can use in almost any Christmas decoration lighting situation.

Miniature Multi-colored String Along Christmas Lights

Super Bright Purple Christmas Lights

These Super Bright purple Christmas lights include 100 purple bulbs with 4-inch bulb spacing. Total lighted length of 27-feet. With this regular light set you can connect up to 3 sets end to end on one outlet. They are approved for indoor or outdoor use.  

Purple Christmas Lights

Mini Clear String Christmas Lights

These are a 100 Count, Clear String To String Light Set, 30" Lead Wire, 3-1/2" End For Indoor & Outdoor Use, Wire Color Is Green, Replacement Fuses Are 2F/2R/1, 3 Sets Of Lights Can Be Connected Together, Comes With 2 Flasher Bulbs, 2 Extra Regular Bulbs & 1 Replacement Fuse. Replacement Bulb 1115-2. 


Clear Christmas Sting Lights

LED Based Christmas Lights

These are 100 LED based Christmas lights, which means you'll get a 30 foot string of lights that probably never have a failure. Plus they include a built in digital controller that allows you to scroll through 7 separate and distinct lighting patterns! These use next to no power and they last for an extremely long time!

Mult Color Changing RBG 100 LED Christmas Light string


Do something a little different this year with this single string of 35 red chili pepper lights. Bulb covers are made of soft, pliable plastic for easy changing Indoor/outdoor use. Cord length is 18 feet. Lighted length 16 feet and can connect end to end (up to 3 sets). They are weather resistant so can be used indoors or out. Replaceable fuse plug and 3 extra bulbs included.

Red Hot Chili Pepper Holiday Party Lights

Solar Net Lights

This solar-powered light net creates a fantastic display during the holidays without wires or extension cords. Simple to set up and take care of. Just wrap the shrub and that's it! LED lights charge by day and turn on/off automatically when the sun rises and sets (runs up to 8 hours). Requires 1 AAA battery (not included).50 bulbs per net, stretches to 45" x 36".

Just be sure there is plenty of light to charge them up during the day hours or you'll be disappointed in the results.

Solar Net Lights

Solar Powered Christmas Lights

Now you can decorate anywhere without dangerous extension cords or need for an outlet. Sun charges the string of 50 lights by day, turn on automatically at dusk and run for about eight hours! No electricity costs! Great for places you want to put lights away from the house. You're no longer limited to being near outlets. 23' length.

Again, remember with solar lights that they must be placed where they get a lot of sun during the day hours in order to function as they were made to.

Christmas Lights Powered by Solar Energy

Rope Christmas Lights

Many people that like this light style really enjoy this 18-foot long Christmas rope string of lights, which are very easy to install and are extremely flexible to use them how you want to.

You can use the rope Christmas lights indoors or outdoors, and string up to 200 feet of lights together using them.

Included are spare fuse and a safety fuse plug, along with screws and mounting clips for when you want to use them.

Rope lights come in a variety of colors.

Indoor Outdoor Rope Christmas Lights

Super Bright Blue Lights

This light set includes 100 SuperBright blue lights, with a length of 44-feet. The Ultimate quality light set features 6-inch designer space. LiteLock bulbs eliminate light failure. You can also add other lights on to this with a plug at each end. Approved for indoor or outdoor use. Comes with four extra bulbs.  

Blue Christmas Lights

Christmas Indoor and Yard Lights

Most of the Christmas lights used will be covered by what we see here, with obvious exceptions of different colors for different styles of lights. But these will represent the majority you'll need to use to have a great Christmas indoor or outdoor light décor.

All you need is a plan in your head for what you want to do this year to start or add to your Christmas decorations. Getting the right lights is a big part of successfully implementing your decoration plans.


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    • Carol the Writer profile image

      Carolyn Blacknall 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Great hub! Good information.I think you should make a separate hub on solar powered Christmas lights. This is a new, unique topic of interest and people may search for it. - Carol