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Christy Kang's 70s and 80s Parties - Week 2

Updated on June 6, 2011

"How hard is it to find a place for fun parties with food and music?", I asked my self when I first began searching for possible venues for my 70s and 80s parties. I was sure I would find many options in no time, the good ones. As my web surfing went on for hours and hours, I realized that this wasn't so simple as I thought. Out of ten to fifteen sites that I've looked at.... I got maybe 5 possible places. I wanted to find a perfect place for my events, and there were many criterion that the place needed to fulfill: size that is big enough to fit 150-200 with a band, sound system and equipments for music, parking lot on site for guests, location, type of places (so it doesn't look out of place when decorated with the 70s and 80s theme), reasonable price, availability on the date of the event, etc. I paid special attention to the type and the size of each venue. For instance, most places in DC metro area were too historical or formal (for meetings or conferences) for my type of events. Ballrooms at university were too spacious that the party will seem empty and almost dead.
I tried to look beyond the basic checklist of the venue in order to find a place that will enhance the quality of my events to the full potential. Decoration and good setting are the keys of my events because, at parties like 70s and 80s parties, people will inevitable focus on the visual and entertainment part of the event. Having a clear division between food and music section will allow guests to enjoy different elements of the party. The decorations will be extravagant and flashy around the band area that will create the atmosphere of the "disco party" that will naturally absorb the guests into the music and party of that decade. While guests relax and eat at the table, small details such as posters and objects will be present at the food section for guests to carefully look at and reminisce their memories from the 70s and 80s. I recently heard from Ms. Brown that I will have a teammate now, and I'm very excited to have her! With another brain in this team, I believe these events could be even more creative and well executed.


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