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Classic Movie Birthday Parties

Updated on March 18, 2013

It's Your Birthday!

Do you love planning themed birthday parties? If so, here's a theme you can really sink your teeth into for your next celebration - Classic Movies!

There are three primary ways to go with theme.  First, you can choose a specific movie as the theme for the party and then let guests come as their favorite characters from that movie.

Secondly, you can leave the theme "open" and have guests come as any character from any classic movie.

The third idea provides some extra fun! You can secretly assign each guest a character from a classic movie, and then have a great time during the party as guests try to identify both the character and the movie represented by each guest!


Classic Movie Theme Décor

Another great aspect of the Classic Movie party theme is that materials for decorating and setting the mood for the party are easy to find.

If your party is about a specific movie, you can use the soundtrack from that movie for background music, have the DVD of the film playing on the television (at a low volume, of course.), and decorate the walls with copies of the posters / playbills from that movie.

If you're going with a more "open" theme, then you have a large number of soundtracks, DVDs and posters available!

Lots of Great Movies!

Here are some examples of classic movies that would work well for any party!

The Godfather

A great movie theme for the classic man in your life. In addition to the movie soundtrack, you can play some wonderful classic Italian music and create a party menu full of delicious Italian food and wine. Don't forget to have the movie on hand so that arguments over infamous lines and old scores can be settled!


This is great theme for a birthday party for the one you love or a romantic celebration such as Valentine's Day or an anniversary. Have white table cloths, the soundtrack from the movie, an elegant dinner, and dress in clothes appropriate for the era. This is a classic movie and will definitely be a night and a party to remember.

Star Wars

Star Wars is a "modern" true classic and especially good for the younger set. Again the soundtrack and the DVD make lovely companions to a party of this theme and you can argue over favorite lines and make wagers accordingly. To top it all off, you can have the guests wage war with blasters and light sabers!

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"General" Classic Movie Themes

Favorite Movie Villains

This unique theme for a classic movie party is one that your guests are sure to remember! Almost everyone has a specific movie villain that stands out in their memory. Guests at this party will have an opportunity to explore their "dark side," and you'll certainly learn a lot about your friends by seeing who their favorite bad guy is!

Old Westerns.

If you like having outdoor parties, this is the theme for you. Start a campfire and sing campy old trail riding songs. Serve food cooked over an open flame, and let your guests show off their skill with the old guitar!

Even More!

Still don't have a theme nailed down? Then check these out:

  • John Wayne Movies
  • World War II Movies
  • Steve McQueen Movies
  • Clint Eastwood Movies
  • Disney Movies

Let your imagination run wild and you'll be certain to come up with just the right theme that will make your party a memorable success!

100 Great Westerns

What's Your Favorite Classic Movie?

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      Kelly G. 4 years ago

      My favorite classic movie would have to be Moulin Rouge.