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Dinner Presentations With Class

Updated on August 21, 2013

Dress Up Your Table

A Special Meal

Christmas and Thanksgiving are approaching. Family will be sitting at your dinner table in just a few short weeks.. It will be a special time of celebration. Do you need to invite your boss to dinner? Whatever the occasion, when hosting a special dinner, put your best foot forward! It is important to have great food. It is also important to serve your meal on beautiful dishes. A meal presented well is a great meal.

There are many companies that produce fine china. Gorham's china has been around for years and has a wonderful reputation with consumers. Yes, the tablecloth, the centerpiece, and the napkins are important additions to your table. The serving pieces add an elegance not found in fabrics. The shapes and styles of bowls, platters, plates, and silverware are varied and can be chosen to express your taste.

A set of china makes a wonderful wedding gift. It can also be a special Christmas gift for someone collecting their china by the setting. Most china can be purchased by the piece, by the place setting with one of each type of plate and cup, or an entire set. Amazon provides a broad selection of appealing china for your home. I

Silver Flatware

Many brides receive silver flatware as wedding gifts. These gifts are often one place setting because flatware can be costly and is an investment. These beautiful implements can be collected over time as gifts or purchased as an entire set.

For my wedding, I received four silver place settings. In hindsight, I wish I had collected more settings over the years. Four settings is not sufficient for a dinner party for six. Silver flatware is a wonderful heirloom that can be passed down in the family and used for generations. For fancy dinners, I use flatware that I purchased for special meals. We don't use it on a daily basis.

Silver flatware adds a sparkle to your place setting. These wonderful additions to your table send a message that you know how to entertain.

Use Your Fancy Glasses

Any beverage can be served in Crystal glasses for your meal. A quality glass will have a ring to it when you tap on it. Cut glass comes in many sizes and shapes. Some are produced for specific beverages, but generally there are multi-purpose glasses available.

Serving Bowls

Serve your salad and vegetables in a beautiful glass bowl. The meal will have extra appeal as your choice glass bowl presents your well prepared meal. Glass is easy to care for and will hold an array of menu items. Serving bowls can be purchased with beautiful designs. Exquisite cut glass bowls can be a worthwhile investment! The more elaborate they are, the heavier they can be.

Silver Platters

Serve meats, crackers, individual desserts on a silver platter. Spread them elegantly on your shiny serving serving dish. It is possible to purchase silver platters that never need polishing or extra care. Your table will have added elegance.

Dessert Dishes

Dessert is an important part of your dinner. Whether eaten in the dining room after your meal, or later in another location, your serving piece is important. Cobblers, cakes, puddings, or individual desserts can be presented in a special dish to make an impression.

For fun, I collect dessert dishes. If I find a pattern I like, I purchase several dessert plates in that design. When dessert time comes, it is fun to choose your favorite dish for the evening!

Miscellaneous Items

The salt and pepper shakers are an important addition to your table. Yes, you should provide these items for your guest even if you are the best cook around. My husband uses pepper on most of his food. He likes it spicy. Provide a beautiful salt and pepper shaker set for your guests.

Don't forget the sugar and creamer for coffee and tea. Again, don't let the little items destroy the beautiful appearance of your table. Invest in a set you can enjoy for years.

Your Table

A beautiful table makes a lasting impression. Whether you are entertaining business associates or family, take the time to enhance your memories with serving pieces that you treasure. We live in a casual society today. Formal has become casual. Let your table tell your visitors that you think they are important. The time, the energy, the investment will speak that message for you. Have fun!

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  • pmccray profile image

    pmccray 7 years ago from Utah

    Beautiful hub, you're so right when having company for dinner a beautifully set table sets the mood and mindset for a wonderful time. A lovely set table surrounded by family and/or friends makes any holiday or special occasion that much more memorable. Love the examples you've used all are so elegant.


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