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Clean Newlywed Game Questions for a Valentine's Party

Updated on February 2, 2015
The Newlywed Game is a very entertaining activity for Valentine's parties, family reunions, and church parties.
The Newlywed Game is a very entertaining activity for Valentine's parties, family reunions, and church parties. | Source

Hosting a dinner party or social event? Planning a church Christmas party? Looking for a funny and entertaining game to play? One amusing game that will definitely bring some laughs is the Newlywed Game, sometimes referred to as the "Not So Newlywed" game.

Just like on the TV show, the wives answer questions about their marriage or their husband and vice versa. Whoever gets the most questions right, wins! (And, no, the contestants do not have to be newlyweds. Contestants can be married a week or sixty years.)

1979 Newlywed Game Episode

Who snores the most?

Obviously, since a person cannot hear him/herself snore, this might be based on what their spouse has told them in the past. This is a somewhat funny question that might embarrass the contestants a little.

Many couples might not remember details about their engagement story.
Many couples might not remember details about their engagement story. | Source

Who was the first person you told about your engagement?

This question will definitely test the couples memory, and how much they can recall about their engagement.

Gift giving is not the love language for all couples.
Gift giving is not the love language for all couples. | Source

What was the first gift that your spouse gave you and vice versa?

This is a two-part question. Each contestant must answer what was the first gift they gave their spouse (when they were dating) and the first gift they received from their spouse.

1966 Newlywed Game Episode

What colors were the flowers at your wedding?

This is mainly to see if the husband remembers the flowers! It's another memory-tester question.

What is your husband's favorite breakfast food?

Obviously, for this one, you'll ask the husbands what his favorite breakfast food is. (And ask the wives what is your husband's favorite breakfast food.)

What was the last movie the two of you watched together?

While this does seem like a very obvious one that most couples should know, you'll be surprised at how many will get this wrong!

Would you be embarrassed to play the Newlywed Game?

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Who gets along better with the in-laws?

Obviously, the in-laws for the husband are the wife's family, and for the wife are the husband's family. It's a different question and might produce some interesting facial expressions.

1978 Newlywed Game Episode

If you wanted to start some kind of business with your spouse together, which business would it be?

This is definitely not a common question. You might want to make it a multiple choice question to make it a little easier for the couples. Some of the choices could be "Ice Cream Parlor Business", "Child Care Business", "Errand Running Service", "Bungee Jumping Service" and "Bed and Breakfast". You should definitely include "other" as an option.

What type of student was your spouse in high school?

This is also a multiple choice question. You might make the choices be "Honor Roll Student", "Mostly B's and A's with a few C's", and "Passed by the Skin of His/Her Teeth". (You will have to ask each person what type of student he/she was, as well as what type of student his/her spouse was.) It is a two part question.

If your spouse were to teach a creative-type class, which class would it be?

You can pretty much guarantee that most of the contestants will get this one wrong, but it will definitely bring some interesting responses. A "creative" class could be something like "How to Take the Perfect Nap" or "How to Pretend to Text in an Awkward Situation", or "How to Change Cloth Diapers." Ask the wives what class they would want to teach, and what class they think their spouses would like to teach. You will definitely learn something new about the contestants!

These are just ten funny and clean newlywed game questions for the newlywed game, or "Not So Newlywed Game". Be sure to have a nice prize for the winning couple! Have fun and enjoy!

What would be your spouse's idea of a dream vacation?

Some popular responses for this one would be a cruise, trip to Hawaii, or a backpacking trip around Europe. You might consider making it a multiple choice question, and allow them to choose "a relaxing weekend at home" as an option.


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