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Buy Color Changing LED Christmas Lights Online

Updated on December 3, 2012

Color changing LED Christmas lights are beautiful to look at and bring the spirit of Christmas right into your home.

The glow from soft pastel hued LED lights is warm, comfortable and ever-changing. Christmas trees especially look beautiful when draped with color changing lights.

Of course, you can drape them over furniture, around doorways, up free-standing lamps or around windows too.

LED bulbs never heat up to touch and so are extremely safe. They also use only a fraction of the power of normal bulbs and so are very economical to run.

Buy color changing LED Christmas lights this year. The kids will love them as well as the whole household.

Crystal Multi Color LED String Lights; LED Christmas lights; Indoor/Outdoor party lights
Crystal Multi Color LED String Lights; LED Christmas lights; Indoor/Outdoor party lights

The Crystal Multi Color LED String Christmas Lights party lights are run on 4 x AA batteries.

These are highly quality ultra-bright color-changing LED lights that can be used indoors or out.

Ideal for use in situations where a power supply is not present.

The low-wattage LED bulbs mean that the batteries will last and last. Batteries are NOT included, so buy yourself some rechargeable AA batteries when you order your lights.

  • Consists of a string 7.5' long, with 18 crystal clear LED bulbs.
  • No power sockets required.
  • LED lights are 3 times brighter than conventional bulbs.
  • Stays cool to touch.
  • Battery-operated on/off switch.

These color changing LED lights can be used for weddings and other parties, not just for Christmas.

They can be draped over trees or bushes outside for an eye-catching display, especially after dark.

The 12V SMD5050 LED Tri-chip Horizontal Ribbon Flexible LED Strip Light 5M/16Ft Waterproof - RGB Color Changing with Remote Control is not just for Christmas.

This is a set of professional lighting that can be used in any area indoors or out where you want to create a lighting feature.

Can be used in bathrooms, to light up aquariums, for bar lighting, for emphasising a feature in your home or garden.

Ideal for concealed lighting coves and under cabinet lighting.

It's well worth a mention here because it is highly visually effective and would look incredible at your Christmas party.

Uses low voltage LED lights and so is very economical.

The Multi Color Changing Christmas Light string features:

  • 100 LED Christmas lights per strand
  • 30 feet of state of the art LED festival lighting
  • 110V AC (just plug them in like regular lights)
  • next to no energy consumption
  • exceptionally long life

Set Of 10 Color Changing LED C9 Novelty Christmas Lights - Green Wire

This Color Changing LED C9 Novelty Christmas Lights is not one to miss.


  • Random color changing bulbs with green wire
  • The bulbs are red, green and yellow
  • 10 bulbs on each string
  • 5" spacing between each bulb
  • Each string is 6' long

UL Listed for Indoor/Outdoor use
Contains end-to-end connectors allowing you to connect multiple sets together
120V 60Hz

The 18' Multi-Color LED Indoor/Outdoor Christmas Rope Lights would look amazing in your garden, or on the outside of your house.

With its ultra-bright low voltage LED lights, it has end connectors to allow you to connect several strings together.

The lighted string is 18' long with another 5' of white cord for connecting to a power point.

The Red to Green Color Changing - 35 LED Bulbs has a total length of 12'.

  • The bulbs are set 4" apart and the total lighted length in 11.5'.
  • UL listed for indoors and out.
  • With end connectors so they can be joined to other sets.
  • Set on green wire.
  • Low voltage LED lights that are cool to touch and economical to use.

The Color Changing LED RGB Ball String Christmas Xmas Lights Belt Light is beautiful.

1.5M long with 100 red/green/blue LED color changing lights.

For use indoors or out.

LED bulbs stay cool to touch.


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      IzzyM 6 years ago from UK

      Of course there is. Color changing LED lighting is extremely comfortable :)

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      Car-way 6 years ago from Cairo

      No comfort color changing LED LIGHTING