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Company Christmas Cards - A Cheap Promotional Tool

Updated on April 9, 2011

Why Send Company Christmas Cards?

Company Christmas cards are a very inexpensive and targeted way to promote your business during the holidays. Everyone loves receiving and displaying holiday greetings in their home or office. These cards get noticed and can lead to new business for the coming year. Do not overlook the use of company Christmas cards this holiday season. In a struggling economy it is important to try to drum up business from as many sources as possible. The cost to send out a custom Christmas card is less expensive than many businesses think. The ability to target a specific market area or consumer demographic make this a valuable tool.

Types of Company Christmas Cards

The same variety of cards that exist for individuals can be replicated as company Christmas cards. Pop-up cards, musical cards, photo cards, postcards, and shaped cards can all be made as a personalized business holiday card. The important thing is to make it attractive and seem not so impersonal and corporate.

Most businesses have inhouse design or advertising teams. This is their chance to shine. A cleverly designed Christmas card might be displayed all month long and seen and commented upon by hundreds of people. A generic "Seasons Greetings" with a corporate logo is better than nothing, but just barely! If the company logo is a triangle it could be incorporated in a design as a Christmas tree, a round logo could be used as an ornament, a square logo might be a present under the tree. It can be a bit subtle and still be very effective. There are many approaches, but people will appreciate a sense of humor and a thoughtful design.

The interior is a great place to thank existing customers or to feature a promotional message to lure new business. Again, a clever slogan or campaign will be viewed and talked about more than just a generic slogan. It can be humorous or just catchy, but should be memorable!

Where to Purchase Company Christmas Cards

If a business has a solid design team, the custom business Christmas card may be created inhouse and printed locally by a trusted company. There are many software programs available for a smaller business to use that can still create a business holiday card with a lot of character. Card stock can be purchased and these can be printed on a laser or inkjet printer. Fashionable blank Christmas cards can be purchased locally or through Amazon and a custom message can be stamped or handwritten inside.

There are, of course, numerous companies online that specialize in custom Christmas cards of all types. All of them will do corporate work as well as work for individuals. Most have very low minimum orders and this is ideal for small businesses. Vistaprint is one of the more popular online companies that deliver quality cards at a low price.

Company Christmas Cards - Final Tips

A business should be clever and creative, but be early! The end of the year is busy with staff on holiday and year end tax preparation. It is a good idea to make sure the company Christmas cards are ready for sending by the end of November. This way there is a solid month for clients and potential customers to see, enjoy and display the personalized business card they receive.

If possible have a signature inside from someone that matters. A president or CEO is a nice touch. This is not always possible for large companies, but it is little details like this that really stand out in customers' minds.

Company Christmas cards when done right can be a very effective promotional tool. Budgets are tight, but this is a very affordable way for any business to still market themselves to the public.


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