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Cool Halloween Party Accessories, Including How to Make Fog for Graveyard Mood

Updated on January 13, 2017
A spooky graveyard scene
A spooky graveyard scene

Recipe for a memorable party:

Fun guests, good music, and great atmosphere. Here are some fun tips to set the mood for a frightening night.

Buy a Fog Machine

Nothing sets the spooky mood like low, thick fog. Nowadays, fog machines are cheap and easy to use, producing fog with "fog fluid", a simple glycol and water mixture. They are safe to use outside or indoors, though its best to keep windows and doors open for ventilation.

Fog machines are usually a better option than dry ice, because dry ice can be difficult to handle (it can burn skin), and you need to buy a lot of it to produce an eerie fog effect. You also need to keep applying new dry ice and water to get a constant fog. However, for a small display or to spice up your drinks, dry ice is ideal. Just drop a few cubes in your glass and watch your drink foam and give off a thick white gas. This is perfectly safe to drink--Just be careful with beer! The carbonation will double!

Heritage Lace Halloween Damask 15-Inch by 68-Inch Runner, Black
Heritage Lace Halloween Damask 15-Inch by 68-Inch Runner, Black

Use this black lace to create a haunted-house feel.


Set the Mood with Black Lace

Pin or tape black lace over your curtains and put down a black lace table runner to create a haunted-house feel. You could also try draping it over lampshades.

Light Candles for an Eerie Glow

Buy black candles and put them inside antique candleholders. Also, put them inside jack-o-lanterns.

Up the Gore Factor with Fake blood

Almost as creepy as the fog, right? Use this effect outside to minimize after-party clean up. Spread it out on an old sheet or blanket and let it dry, then drape it over the couch, dining table, or your guests' chairs.

Use Shadows

Cut out scary shapes from regular paper or cardboard, such as a spider, a bat, or a skull, and tape them over a flashlight. Turn the flashlight on and let it shine on a blank wall.

Create a Scene With Tombstones

Set them up all over the yard (and splash some fake blood on them!). Buy them from a halloween supply store, or get creative and make your own.


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