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Corporate Gifting Ideas For Diwali-Gift A Ganesha!

Updated on November 24, 2010

Ganesh Idol

Ganesha is Auspicious for Hindu Businesses

Ganesha is considered auspicious for Hindu businesses run by Indian Hindus. Business establishments and companies generally have a figure of Ganesha, a diety of the Hindus said to bring prosperity, prominently displayed. It could be anywhere, as an abstract painting on the wall, a figure on their desk or a wall plaque, it could also be on the CEO's door or the entrance to the building. Some have it etched as a mural in metal or glass or brass and looks great to display as a work of art. Small businesses and shops have a Ganesha as a painting, or a picture framed and hung on the wall behind the proprietor's head and is offered puja before the start of business everyday. Sometimes, a small figure of Ganesha adorns the CEO's desk. Depending on the individual tastes and devotion to this elephant-god, this diety occupies prime space in Hindu establishments.

Gift a Ganesha This Diwali!

Diwali or Deepavalli is a major festival of lights and is the time for giving gifts. Corporate gifting ideas revolve around the usual box of assorted sweets or the assorted dry fruit box tastefully decorated and accompanied by a couple of diyas (decorated earthenware lamps). Home made chocolates of various sizes and varieties attractively packaged also are used by well known business establishments.

This Diwali, why not give away Ganeshas that will be definitely prominently displayed by the receiver. If you have your company's name and logo painted or etched on it, all the better. It serves as advertising as well, throughout the year and perhaps for years to come.

Why not buy Ganeshas online? From! Yes, they have a wide variety of Ganeshas which can be excellent for corporate gifting. The most unusual of Ganeshas and as works of art are the first to get noticed anywhere. Bright and colourful,or simple and delicate, take your pick before stocks run out. All the Ganeshas displayed are handmade by craftsmen from India.

Crystal Ganesha

A truly unique piece! Ganesha made in crystal with an umbrella sitting pretty atop a wood finish base. Perfect to place on a desk.

Memo Book & Pen

This brightly coloured Ganesha is printed on a fabric and stretched over a memo book to give it a colourful finish. Comes with a pen.

Coffee Mug

This coffee mug is brightly painted with Ganesha and is FDA approved. Makes a perfect gift along with the memo book and pen listed above.

Laddoo Ganesh

A glass tray holds up a potbellied Ganesha eyeing his favourite sweet-laddoos. His favourite vehicle, the mouse sits on the other side.

3 Music Ganeshas

The elephant god in many forms-this desktop piece consists of 3 figurines of Ganesh each playing a different musical instrument.-the tabla, sitar and harmonium.

Ganesha Idol

Some prefer an idol of Ganesha for their desk or puja area. Here is a hand carved Ganesh.

Metallic Ganesh

An abstract work of Art- Ganesh in metallic form. A unique wall panel to be displayed.


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