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Updated on October 28, 2013
It's time to celebrate a "Green Diwali"
It's time to celebrate a "Green Diwali" | Source
Think! | Source

Diwali is around the corner and the sound of crackers has started to fill my ears. While driving on the road, I have to be extra cautious with children bursting crackers all over the place. This made me think! Why do people like crackers? This question came up because there are many negatives associated with crackers than positives!

Here are some anti-cracker thoughts:

1) Air Pollution: With all the smoke that the crackers generate, maximum air pollution is caused around Diwali time. Eyes start burning because of the smoke and vision is blurred while driving which proves to be dangerous.

2) Noise Pollution: The noise that crackers create is unbearable, especially on the eve of Diwali and on the morning of Diwali. They telecast all special movies on Diwali day but it is really impossible to hear the dialogues with all the noise pollution created by crackers!

3) Hazardous to health: The smoke not only creates irritation to eyes but also to the throat. Many people develop throat infection because of all the smoke created by crackers. This eventually leads to cold and fever for some.

4) Danger: There is always this chance of crackers backfiring. I remember my mom getting hurt because of a cracker backfiring. She still has the scars in her hand after almost 10 years. It is so scary at times to see children bursting crackers. A lot of precaution has to be taken while bursting crackers.

5) Child Labour: The fact that children make these crackers at factories without going to school and the hazard that they face because of dealing with chemicals is so alarming. In spite of the government taking steps to avoid child labour, it is quite common for employers to hire children as it is cheap.

6) Cost involved: There is a saying in Tamil - "Kaasa Kariyaakkadha" Don't turn money into ash! This seems to be very applicable for crackers. The cost of crackers is mind boggling and it sky-rockets every year! This does not have any effect on people. They continue to buy crackers.

7) Land Pollution: All the left-over paper and chemicals after cracker bursting pollute land and in turn ground water as Diwali time is rainy season! The roads are filled with hazardous paper waste after Diwali.

I accept that it is a splendid sight to watch all the rockets and other crackers burst and beautify the sky. I also accept that the flower pots and chakras are nice to see. It is true that there is a thrill associated with bursting bijlis and atom bombs. But considering the many hazards created by crackers, is it really worth to burst them? Food for thought!


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    • Deepika Arun profile image

      Deepika Arun 4 years ago from Chennai, India


    • C.V.Rajan profile image

      Disillusioned 4 years ago from Kerala, India

      Actually it is extremely difficult to comprehend the psychology of love for crackers. There are people who love it when they are children but after growing up, they feel distaste towards them for reasons listed by you. They are only a minority. If they are sensible, they can start educating their children right from childhood on this.

      But the vast majority don't grow up!