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Create Your Own Personalized Greeting Cards

Updated on March 26, 2018

Ocean Beach At Sunset

Ocean Beach At Sunset
Ocean Beach At Sunset | Source

The Benefits of Handmade Greeting Cards

There are several very real advantages to create your own personalized greeting cards, primarily in that you can truly expresses the ideas and emotions you wish to convey.  They send a message to the recipient about the care and time you spent, to show how special and valued they are to you.  It also gives them a one of a kind greeting card, no one else will ever receive.

It can save money, sometimes quite a bit so over the course of a year, for people who send quite a few greeting cards. They can be done professionally, so they don’t seem corny or cheap, and if you’re not much of an artistic, artsy kind of individual, there are some ways around that obstacle.

Some others may so much adore this creative process, that they ultimately launch their own handmade greeting card business, selling to friends, family, local stores, even going nationally, or internationally with them.

This has a lot of potential, determined by what you want to do with it.  Greeting cards are big business, and unique niches could be developed within the greeting card business.  Maybe some off the wall idea would take off.   Consider greeting messages that perhaps aren't out there yet.  Personally, I dislike the mother and fathers day cards out there, they just don't seem honest to me, for less than perfect parents.

Steps to Create Your Own Greeting Cards

Select what holiday or celebration you're developing the greeting card for.

Select who this greeting card will go to.

Are you considering writing your own title, poem or ideas? Or are you considering obtaining written text you can legally utilize?

Are you going to use photos, clip art, illustrations or graphics? If that's the case are you going to generate your own from scratch, or acquire legally from another source?

Naturally, one method to make your own greeting cards is simply using some type of software on your home computer or favored application. This can be customized and then printed on your home computer using cardstock bought at a stationary retail store.

A different artistic way is trying your hand at calligraphy on card stock, and either sketching pictures of art on the cards, gluing pressed dried flowers, or another type of design or media you’d like.

There’s a resource that is excellent called Shutterfly that you can design your own greeting cards through, and have them professionally produced. Their costs are affordable plus they perform fantastic quality work. You can select your own templates, themes, backgrounds, etc. This is especially good when you have photography you’d like to include on the cards, especially of loved ones, mates, pets, nature, or any other subject you’d like to feature on the card. They are processed by a skilled photo lab which renders professional results.

If you utilize photography for your greeting cards, your pictures need to be an excellent quality, and it is advised to use at least a 240 dpi image. In the event that you’re not a photographer, or your compact digital camera just can’t give the quality required, you can always purchase stock photos on just about every idea imaginable topic, for very reasonable prices and are absolutely legal for your use; even should you decide to turn this into a business endeavor.

In the event that you need poems to use and you’re not good at composing compelling poetry, you can hire somebody to do this to suit your needs at very reasonable charges from Odesk services. There are many proficient, creative authors out there prepared to contract what you wish, as they bid on your job offer. You choose the terms and price you want to pay. It can be astonishingly affordable to do so. You will also own the legal rights to the work you have contracted for.

When you’ve completed your personalized greeting card for the holiday or event of your choice, consider ordering a dozen or so to have on hand for future use. What the joy and surprise on their faces as they open and read the perfect greeting card, designed by you!


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