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Creative Ideas for Mother's Day

Updated on October 19, 2013
A gift for Mom
A gift for Mom

How to Make Your Mother Happy this Mothers Day

It’s Mother’s Day once again on Sunday, May 10, 2010 so we have all the reasons to pay tribute to our mothers on this day. Not all of us are mothers but all of us are children, aren’t we? How blessed are we for God gave each of us a Mother who love us more than any other persons in this world.

Blessed are the children whose mothers are still alive for they are assured that they have someone who will love them and will be by their side no matter what. Motherhood is the greatest profession on earth and for that our mothers deserved the best we could ever offer to her.

This Mothers Day is the right time to give due recognitions to our mothers. We have a hundred and one reasons to show we so value and appreciate them. Whether we accept it or not, there are many ways by which we ignore them. There have been times we are too busy and too preoccupied with so many things and issues of our personal life so that we could not even give adequate attention to our mothers.

How then could we make up for those inadequacies? Well this Mothers Day is the best time we could all do. Let us all make our mothers happy this Mothers Day? Remember mothers are almost always the easiest persons to please.

Now here are some ideas to consider for your celebration. I am talking to all the children here so each one must participate here (including the father of course) so us to make the Queen of the Home truly happy on this day.

1. First, remember that each one should wrap a gift for her. This is a token of appreciation and no matter how small it maybe will surely touch your mother’s heart. I urge you everyone to buy you mother something that will make her feel she is remembered and loved. There is no excuse to this. If you can spend so much money on your mobile phones and loads then why not spare some for your Mom?

I am not going to give you any suggestion on what to buy. I am not in the business of selling gift items anyway. More than anyone else it should be you who should know what things will most likely please her. It could be her favorite fruits, clothes, perfume, or anything. I’m sure your gift will make her feel she is very special and well-thought of. Of course, you should give the gift after you’ve given her the sweetest hug and kisses you can ever give.

2. Apart from the gift, you should consider writing her a letter of appreciation and love. The letter need not be too long but it should be very sincere and honest. Make her feel that all of the things she has been doing for you are being noted and appreciated though there would be times you fail to put these into words. This will make her feel that all her love and sacrifices have not been in vain.

I myself am a mother and every time I’d receive such kind of letter from my one and only son, my feelings are inexplicable. This is something I really love. For a change, you can also add some funny moments to remember or some jokes that will make your mother laugh out loud. Some of the children can opt to for a variation like giving her a stem of white rose (or whatever color you think she prefers) and with it attach a note to explain the purity and tenderness of her love.

You don’t need to spend for a bunch of roses, but if you can afford then do. But as for me, I prefer just a long stem of rose along with sincere and touching note. You then, let your mother sit on a chair with all of you sitting along at her feet and then let her read the letters and dedication one by one while you are playing a sweet music on the background. Clap and cheer on every letter she reads. This one your mother and all of you will surely enjoy.

3. Make sure that you spend your whole day with her. Don’t just give the gift and then leave right away. I strongly suggest that you come all at the same time. It spoils the fun and makes the celebration incomplete if one or two came in too late. Cancel all other appointments. Your Mom deserves all attention on this day.

Mothers always long for the company of her children and she will be very happy if all of them will come and stay with her the whole day. Just eat together, sing songs for her, let her speak of anything she wants to impart to you, let her share some memories of her past and do listen to her. Mothers love to tell stories it is just that sometimes grown up children are already too busy to listen.

4. You don’t need to go out just to eat. Restaurants are full packed on this day and waiting for long hours before being served would waste and spoil your time. The comfort of your home is just the best place to enjoy this special day. But please give your mother some rest from the kitchen this day. You children should take care of the food.

Potluck is the best choice but you can also grill and cook food together. It is a very exciting activity actually. Your mother is the special guest of honor this day so don’t you ever allow her to touch any cooking utensils or any chores this day. This is her special day non-working holiday.

So there! Those are my original ideas which are based on my own experiences. I’m sure your Mother’s Day will be truly meaningful should you try doing these too.

But before I end, may I just please remind you that Mother’s day (as always) is on a Sunday which is the day of the Lord. I hope your Mothers day celebration should not be a reason to be absent from the church. Do the celebration after you have done your duty to God.

God bless you all!


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    • Greenlily profile image

      Greenlily 7 years ago from Philippines

      So sad to hear that but I admire you for you still find time to visit your Mom. Yes she will not recognize you anymore but our God surely does see how you care for her. May God bless you and Mom!

    • Dave Mathews profile image

      Dave Mathews 7 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

      Greenlily I thank you for the suggestions. My Mom is in a nursing home with advanced alzheimers.Sadly, I will visit her mother's day, but she will not recognize me as her mind I believe has returned to Our Father, yet her body is still here.

      Brother Dave.