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Cricut Cutting Machines - Homemade Card Ideas for Easter

Updated on July 18, 2011

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Using Your Cricut Cutter Machine to Make Homemade Cards for Easter Is Easy!

What could be more fun this spring than making homemade Easter cards with your Cricut machine? If you normally send out lots of greeting cards each year for all of the holidays and special occasions that come up, the price you paid for your Cricut cutting machine will be well spent. Plus, a homemade Cricut card is so much more meaningful than a mass produced greeting card bought from the store. With proper supervision, this can be a fun Easter kids crafts project, too.

Depending on which cricut cartridges you own, you can make many designs and homemade cards. With a little bit of inspiration, I bet you can come up with many homemade card ideas for Easter yourself!

Cricut Die Cutting Machine Design Software

Buy the Easter Cricut Cartridge for Lots of Handmade Card Ideas

Just for Easter- Easter Seasonal Cricut Cartridge

Of course, if you have the limited edition Easter seasonal Cricut cartridge, it's a no brainer. There are tons of homemade card ideas that come to mind. This particular cricut cartridge is loaded with Easter images- 29 to be exact! Choose from cute Easter eggs to religious Easter card designs. The limited edition Easter cartridge also includes 20 shadow layers. There are three 3d items, too, that would make your homemade Easter greeting card look phenomenal! This holiday cartridge fits any Cricut machine.

Use Walk in My Garden Cricut Cartridge for Spring Themed Homemade Card Ideas

The Walk in My Garden Cricut cartridge is suitable for handmade Easter cards. Lots of homemade card ideas for Easter come to mind with this spring themed cricut cartridge. It includes lots of flowers, trees, grass, bugs, and garden implements. This cricut cartridge even has a special card feature! Plus, this cartridge is so versatile that you will find that you use it with your cricut cutting machine for so much more than homemade greeting cards, and definitely for more handmade greeting cards other than just Easter!

A Child's Year Cartridge for Use With Provo Cricut Machines

Make Homemade Easter Cards With the Provo Craft Cricut Personal Electronic Cutter

For use with the Provo Craft Cricut personal electronic cutter, A Child's Year cartridge would fill the bill for an innocent homemade Easter card. Try the girl and her umbrella. This Cricut cartridge is filled with silhouettes of children throughout a calendar year. What makes this one of the best Cricut cartridges is that it can be used for so many occasions. The cartridge also includes monogram, tag, font, shadow, icon, and card features. The images would also be great for scrapbooking.

Calendar Cricut Cartridge

The Cricut calendar cartridge is not just for making homemade calendars. With all of the images available, it would be easy to get lots of homemade card ideas for Easter and every other holiday throughout the year! This Cricut cartridge has shadows, including script shadow. It includes two different fonts and events features to try experimenting with different Easter crafts projects. This would also be one of your best Cricut scrapbooking tools to add to your arsenal.

Cricut Doodlecharm Cartridge for Homemade Card Ideas for Easter

The Cricut Doodlecharm cartridge includes fifty designs. It is one of the best Cricut cartridges for versatility. They are simple, innocent designs perfect for homemade Easter Cricut cards. Included are baskets, flowers, hearts, bugs, and bunnies. Getting homemade card ideas for Easter shouldn't take long with this Cricut cartridge. Each design can be changed in six different ways- tag, charm, border, shadow, card, and blackout. Includes font cartridge keypad and a useful guidebook. Currently, this Cricut cartridge is marked almost half off!

Order Cricut Jasmine Cartridge Online - Save Almost Half!

Cricut Cartridge Jasmine Alphabet and Words Words for Whatever You Want to Say

The Cricut cartridge Jasmine Alpabet and Words Words used with the Provo Cricut personal electronic cutter will give you the ability to put whatever wording you wish on your homemade cards for Easter. It is a Cricut font cartridge in a brushstroke font. Each font character can be displayed six different ways for seemingly endless combinations. A font cartridge keypad, guidebook, and overlay are included. Right now, the price can't be beat. But the bargain price may not last forever.

Cricut Machines Aren't Just for Easter Crafts Ideas

Have fun with your Cricut machine! Make lots of homemade Easter cards and other Easter crafts. But don't put up your Cricut cartridges after that! There are eleven more months of holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions. You can find endless homemade card ideas with just a few Cricut cartridges.

New Arrival Cricut Cartridge for Scrapbooking and Other Crafts

One of the Best Cricut Cartridges for Creativity

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