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Cupid Draw Back Your Bow

Updated on February 14, 2018

Vintage Valentine Card


Cupid the god of love

Cupid has always played a role in the celebration of love. He is known as the god of love a symbol of Valentine's Day.

Cupid with his bow an arrow: Cupid draw back your bow and let your arrow flow ...a person or even a deity that is shot with Cupid's arrow is filled with uncontrollable desire.

Saint Valentine's Day, commonly known as Valentine's Day, or the Feast of Saint Valentine's is observed on February 14 each year. Today Valentine's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world, mostly in the west, although it remains a working day in all of them.

February is the month of romance. A festival of romantic love. It's a day when many people express their love with cards, letters, flowers and presents.

If you are not ready for Love, then run fast if you see Cupid, when his arrow pierces your heart you will surely lose your heart to love forever and ever. But be careful it may work like a love potion.You do not want to be looking for love in all the wrong places.

Remember Love is a many splendid thing!

Cupid Draw Back Your Arrow


Yes Love is in the there everywhere.

Nothing says love better than chocolate or perhaps roses..or okay maybe a diamond

Ahh Valentine's Day..The day of love..Its on this day that many a beau will propose to his true love., Cupid has drawn back his bow...and if he has, you could find your beau down on one knee asking for your hand in marriage.....

Many weddings take place on Valentine's Day as well. If Cupid hit you with his arrow you may find your self saying "I DO" on this very special heart felt day.

Restaurants will be booked solid..Valentine's Day candle lit dinners for two.

Flower shops will be busy filling orders. As well as making deliveries.

Red roses proclaim "I love you." They are the ultimate symbol of romantic love and enduring passion. Florists can't keep up with Valentine's Day demand for red roses, which makes them especially expensive in February.

Jewelry; You can't go wrong with a beautiful piece of jewelry. Jewelry is an appropriate gift in any romantic relationship.


Faith Hill - "This Kiss" (Official Video) ,Faith Hill - This Kiss The new single "American Heart" available NOW at iTunes

The Kiss

This is one contest, I would not enter, and have no chance of winning..I can't think of anyone I would want to kiss for that long...

Worlds record kiss.........(really who can kiss that long)?

Well apparently this couple can since they hold the record for 2012....

Nontawat Jaroengsornsinpose and Thanakorn Sittiamthong from (Thailand) kissed for 50:25:01 hrs.

The Rules

(If you want to break a record that is published in a record book or governed by an international authority, there may be other or additional rules.

  • The kiss must be continuous and the lips must be touching at all times.
  • If the lips part - the couple are immediately disqualified.
  • Contestants must be over the age of consent in the country the event is being held.
  • The couple must be awake at all times.
  • The contestants must stand during the attempt and cannot be propped together by any aids, such as pillows, cushions or people.
  • No rest breaks are allowed.
  • Incontinence pads or adult nappies/diapers are not allowed.
  • Couples must not leave the venue during their attempt.

Vintage Valentine Cards


Even the children get in on the fun

Valentines day is a very fun filled day at school as well..

Children will arrive at school with a valentine's day card for each of their classmates.

Usually a few days before the children bring a shoe box to school. They will then decorate the box will have a slot cut into and it will be their mailbox.

Yes love abounds.

Sunday School teaches that Valentine's day is a holiday to celebrate love. What greater love can there be then the sacrificial love that Jesus demonstrated on the cross.

Love, American Style TV theme song,Theme song to classic 70's show


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