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Custom Christmas Cards

Updated on September 30, 2009

I love greeting cards and I've always loved Christmas cards. I used to spend loads of time wandering round the Hallmark greeting card section in drugstores and stationary stores just looking for the perfect card for various friends and family members. If you've only got a handful of people to shop for this can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience. If you've got a small village to buy cards for, however, it may be easier to just order your own batch of personalized Christmas cards. I've done this myself and I have to say that I still smile when I think about it because I really had some gorgeous cards! And it's so much more creative to choose the ink, the gilding the saying, the everything, than purchasing a box of premade Christmas cards that 5 million other people might be sending you, too!

1. Cards Direct

Cards Direct offers custom Christmas cards at very affordable rates and even offers very big discounts. They have all sorts of cards in addition to holiday greetings but their Christmas section is fabulous. You can purchase business Christmas cards or family business cards. They even have an online customer chat service so you can have your questions answered instantly. Ground shipping in the USA only costs 5 bucks!

2. Holiday Classics

This personalized Christmas card site offers loads and loads of customized business Christmas cards. If you're a boss or company owner this is a great site to search for the perfect Christmas card to send your customers. They offer a contemporary, classic and specialty section that just may have what you've been looking for.

3. Shutterfly Christmas Cards

Shutterfly is all about photos and they offer many Christmas card styles for use with your own personal photos. You can create traditional Christmas greeting cards with your family photo; you can create Christmas party / Christmas dinner invitations with your family photos; and you can create Christmas photo cards (postcards). They even offer stationery!

4. Design Crafters Religious Christmas Cards

Design Crafters is a Christian company and they've got a very nice selection of religiously themed Christmas cards. If you'd like a bible verse, nativity scene or other biblical theme for your customized Christmas card, this is a good site to take a look at. They also sell other types of Christmas cards -- and other holidays, as well, such as Chanukah).


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