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Cute And Humorous Halloween Greetings

Updated on October 19, 2015

Visitors to my hubs are probably familiar with the collections of holiday greeting cards posted before; and this time the selection is all centered around Samhain and Halloween greetings. Part of these are traditional greeting cards come by over the years, while some others are internet "ecards" sent by friends and which particularly caught my fancy in one way or the other. These cards are humorous for a variety of reasons - some were obviously intended to tickle the funny bone, while others are humorous by nature of manufacturer/creator oversight. A few others are just smile-worthy because they're cute!

I hope you enjoy this selection, and I wish all of you a very happy and safe Samhain season!

Traditional Halloween Greeting Cards

Sweet sentiment.

Not quite as sweet.

Really out-of-season-ly sweet.

And overly, overly sweet here.

It's nice to know some parents still teach their kids to remember their elders at the holidays!

It's a's a, it's a month early!

I suppose this one was made for parents that don't like to complicate their kids' lives by making them wonder if they are truly a boy or girl. But I have to ask: is the gender-neutral word, CHILD really that uncivilized to use?

I'm not one-hundred percent sure here, but I think there's a misspelling on this child's party invitation.

I'm guessing by "baby" the designer of this card didn't mean the kind small enough to burp over your shoulder without eyebrows being raised. Anyway, we all know Lily Munster couldn't dust the cobwebs away if her vampiric life depended on it! But I think this card proves Herman didn't marry Lily for her cleaning skills anyway.

Traditional cards for other October celebrations/holidays

I learn something new every day! Before seeing this card, I would have never guessed scarecrows and pumpkins are associated with a boy's Bar Mitzvah!

After finding this one in the card bin I looked it up, and yes, this celebration indeed does fall in October. Shows you how educational a trip to the five-and-dime can be!

Being a pagan, this one is just a tad bit insulting. It is bad enough when people mispronounce Samhain, now they spell it like a character from Green Acres? Grrrr!

Here's another of the educational ones! Yep, a real holiday. I just don't get what the candy has to do with beardlessness. Or babies. Or babies that have shaved their beards.


This poor doggie looks like he's about to poo himself, lol.

My favorite of the whole collection!

Because you just can't get away from Spanish-friendly bilingual text anywhere...

And they say cats are smarter than dogs! Yeah.

This Hub ©October 20, 2015 by Beth Perry


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  • bethperry profile image

    Beth Perry 2 years ago from Tennesee

    Thanks Will :)

  • WillStarr profile image

    WillStarr 2 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

    I especially liked the English to Spanish translation!