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Cute Birthday Party Invitation Ideas for the Most Common Birthday Party Themes

Updated on June 3, 2011

Birthday parties are something children look forward to every year—having one and attending many.  Set the right tone for your child’s birthday party by using the most creative invitations you can.  Below are the most common birthday party themes and cute invitation ideas that are sure to “wow” guests before they even get to your party.

Dinosaur Party

Supplies needed: White card stock, small metal brads, wooden or cardboard dinosaurs, small beady eyes, large envelopes, light green paint, glue, scissors, paper puncher

  1. Using card stock, draw out a large egg—two for each guest you will invite.  Make sure all the eggs are the same size.  Each egg should be ½ the size of a letter sheet of paper, landscape orientation.
  2. On one egg for each guest, write out or print the words “Breaking News in <city>….” on the bottom half of the egg.
  3. Take the eggs with the writing and cut as if you add a jagged, broken egg above the words. 
  4. Take the bottom part of the broken egg and glue the edges only to the bottom of the unbroken egg to make a pocket. 
  5. When the glued egg dries, line the top of the broken egg with the top of the whole egg.  Take a single paper punch and punch a hole through both the top of the broken egg and the whole egg towards the bottom left of the broken egg. 
  6. Connect the broken egg to the whole egg using a single brad so the broken egg is a moveable lid.
  7. Use the wooden or cardboard dinosaurs from a craft or hobby store.  Paint both sides a green color.  Glue or draw eye(s) on one side of the dinosaur.
  8. When the paint dries, neatly write out the birthday party invitation information.  Use both sides if necessary.
  9. Slide the dinosaur inside the egg and deliver to guests.  You can purchase large envelopes to slide the eggs in.

Princess/Fairy Tale/Knights Party:

Supplies needed: parchment paper/stationary paper with a scroll, curling ribbon

1. On paper print the following poem:

“By Royal Decree…

For all in the land,

A grand birthday party is now being planned:

Sir/Maiden <child’s name> is <age>, he/she’s really excited;

If you could please join us, he’d so delighted!

Every Princess and Knight, mark the notable date,

At <time> have your carriage arrive at the gate.

The <date> of <month> is the special festive day,

At the famed <location> Castle, your mom knows the way.

We shall have a grand time, so come one & all!

To know if you plan to attend or not, The Queen requests an email or call.

We’ll have a yummy banquet and games to entertain,

And no one goes home until the dragon is slain!

If I tell you much more, it won’t be a surprise.

You’ll just have to come and see with your own eyes!”

2. Roll and tie with ribbon.

3. Hand deliver.

Luau/Beach/Pool Party:

Supplies needed: novelty sunglasses, white cardstock, scissors, glue

  1. Purchase inexpensive novelty sunglasses.
  2. On white card stock print out the information for the party to match the sunglass lenses. 
  3. Glue the card stock lenses onto the sunglasses. 
  4. Deliver in cardboard sunglasses cases.

Pirate Party

Supplies needed: parchment paper (tan suggested), empty water bottles, sand, shells, large labels

1. Take some tan parchment paper and using your best old-time font (Old English works well), write out the following poem:

“Ahoy there landlubbers!

Ye be invited to join Captain (name)’s crew,

He’d like to celebrate his (age) birthday with you!

Grub and grog will be yours, me hearties

When ye swashbucklers come to party.

Shiver me timbers and blow me down,

(location) is where all the swashbuckling fun can be found.

Ye be walking the plank and swabbing the deck

If yer not in attendance at (date and time) for the birthday crew check!

So wave yer flag if ye be attendin’ or not

(RSVP info)”

2. Roll the paper up and place inside empty water bottles filled with a small amount of sand and shells.

3. Print out labels on the computer that include a skull and crossbones and each invited child’s name. Place on outside of bottle.

4. Hand deliver

Fairy/Tinker Bell Party

Supplies needed: Two different colored cardstock, white cardstock, glitter (silver or gold suggested), scissors, glue, paper puncher, iridescent ribbon, envelopes for 5” x 7” card, fairy/Tinker Bell paper puncher

  1. Buy two different color cardstock papers in pastel colors, such as purple, lime green, pink, yellow, etc.
  2. Cut one color into 3.5” x 5.5” pieces and the other into 5” x 7” pieces.
  3. Using the computer, print the party information on the smaller pieces using a light and airy font.
  4. Glue the smaller piece with the party information onto the center of the larger piece so a border shows. 
  5. Using a regular, single paper puncher, punch two holes at the top of the invitation in the border, centered over the top of the smaller paper.  Take iridescent ribbon and tie a bow through the holes.
  6. Take a fairy/Tinker Bell hole punch and punch several out of white card stock.  Dip in glue on one side and then in glitter.  When dry, glue the non-glitter side to the sides of the invitation.

Place in envelopes and deliver.

Super Hero Party

Supplies needed: Super hero coloring book, glue stick, 8 ½” x 14” paper, envelopes

1. Copy and shrink several pages of a super hero coloring book.

2. Fold an 8 ½” x 14” piece of paper into square.

3. Glue the pictures of the coloring book onto each square to make a comic book.

4. Write out a story for the comic book.

Example (adjust for favorite super hero):

  • 1: (picture of Spider-man jumping)-- "Hey Spidey-fans! Get ready for another spine-tingling, action-packed adventure with your favorite wall-crawling super hero. Today, we find Spider-man on a mission to let <name> friends know they are invited to his <age> birthday celebration."
  • 2: (Spider-man and little boy)-- "Be careful Spider-man. I've heard reports that Scorpion's been sighted in the area!" "Don't you worry, <child>! Nothing's going to stop me. I'll make sure your friends get the invitation.
  • 3: (Spider-man crawling up a wall)-- "I'd better hurry! I haven't got much time! The party's in less than two weeks!"
  • 4: (Scorpion and Spider-man)-- "Hey, Spider-man! Where do you think you're going?!" "Wouldn't you like to know Scorpion! I've got an important job to do - A special friend's happiness is at stake - and not even you are going to get in the way."
  • 5: (Spider-man swinging between buildings)-- "I'm on my way again thanks to my trusty web-slinger!"
  • 6: (Scorpion)-- "Drat! Spider-man got away again!"
  • 7: (Spider-man)-- "I made it! I've got a special message for you! <child> wants you to join him on (day, date, time) at his house for some web-slinging, wall-crawling birthday fun! Call his Mom at (phone number) to RSVP by <date>! Hope to see you there!"

5. Place comic book in envelope and deliver.

Tea Party

Supplies needed: tea pots, colored paper, ribbon, tulle, cellophane bags, organza ribbon, white tissue paper, scissors

1. Purchase inexpensive tea pots from the dollar store, Oriental Trading, hobby/craft store, etc.

2. On some colored paper print out the information on one side. The poem below is one idea for the other side:

"I'm having a tea party; it will be loads of fun!

If you can make it ... I would love for you to come.

Just throw on a frilly dress and gobs of jewelry galore—

We'll have snacks, play games and there's so much more!

I'd like to know you better, and for you to know me...

So, have your Mom call my Mom and we'll do tea!"

3. Attach the paper to the teapot handle.

4. Wrap the teapot in white tissue paper and bundle in tulle. Then place the bundle in a cellophane bag and tie with organza ribbon.

5. Hand deliver.


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    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Oh, these are so cute! Great Hub!