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The Cutest Halloween Costumes For Babies - Buy Halloween Costumes for Babies Online

Updated on January 31, 2015

The Cutest Halloween Costumes For Babies -- Buy Halloween Costumes for Babies Online

Halloween is celebrated with costumes, parties and lots of fun in different parts of the world and babies celebrate it with the cutest Halloween costumes that mom or dad can get for them.

Halloween is here again and this is one of my favorite time of the year as the children are also anticipating it -- specially the 'trick or treat" tradition and wearing costumes as they celebrate Halloween. Halloween is celebrated in almost all parts of the world although its beginning is rooted in Christian tradition, in the modern world it is celebrated with having fun and display of costumes even with or without Halloween parties.

Usually, parents celebrate the first year that the baby will have their first Halloween and they keep pictures of it for keepsake. Nowadays, parent buy Halloween costumes for babies online as well.

Children as well as adult like to parade with their Halloween costumes. Well, babies are already cute enough and you will surely smile if you see them in Halloween costumes, for that alone as parents we are happy to dress them in the cutest Halloween costumes. Why not, they are children only once and this is part of childhood.

The Cutest Halloween Costume For Babies

Baby Lady Bug Halloween Costume
Baby Lady Bug Halloween Costume

One of the most awaited holiday celebration for children as well as adults :

The showcasing of costumes and of course is part of Halloween celebration and babies have the cutest Halloween costumes that are available.

Halloween celebrations is one of the most awaited celebration, say ask a child and he will say that to you, why because of costumes and candies, well for adults too, they don't only wear costumes and party but they can go crazy and have fun during that day (they are given the privilege to be that way during the Halloween celebration). The good thing about it is that you can buy Halloween costumes for babies online and there are varieties to choose from.

Are you tired of seeing Halloween baby costumes like vampires, pumpkins and witches during Halloween?

 Come and see the cutest and trendiest Halloween costume for babies. They will surely make you smile and they are all picture perfect. There are lots of themes for costumes and year in and year out the choices are expanding but of course there are classic costumes that are still in like fairies, witches and vampires.

Parents Want the Cutest Halloween costumes for babies

There are also Halloween costume which you can make on your own, usually the mask. These are for older kids. Some just wear pumpkin like costumes with the color orange and black, but of course parents want their babies to wear the cutest Halloween costumes that is available why not, they will only have the first Halloween once.

A friend of mine is not into activities which babies she said "doesn't enjoy" it yet, but why not,  babies can wear Halloween costumes too and no matter what they do, babies are all cute, how much more when they wear those Halloween cute costumes. Year in and year out, Halloween costumes are changing a bit, but there are some of the classic ones, this is true for adult and bigger kids costumes as well.

For babies, every year there is new addition to the already existing costumes. The cutest Halloween costumes for babies are available online and at the stores like Target, Wal-mart (her ein the US). It is available online at amazon and other stores.

Halloween costume for our babies should be comfortable

The baby should feel at ease when they wear the Halloween costumes

  • not tight fitting costumes which they are not comfortable
  • no itchy type of clothing like nylon and silk specially on the neck part
  • no mask for babies as their eyes are still sensitive
  • don't cover their faces
  • should be smooth and pillow like clothing like cotton
  • not hot clothing which makes them perspire and get their backs wet

Cutest Halloween Costumes for Babies : Selection and Themes

Cute baby Halloween costumes should depend if the baby started to walk already make sure that they can walk in their two feet and the Halloween costumes should allow them to be comfortable and can crawl and walk, and move at ease. Babies get cranky and will cry as they try to remove their costumes if they are not comfortable.

Halloween Baby Costumes with Animal themes

  • Cutest Little Lady Bug
  • Cutest Little Froggie
  • Bat
  • Dinosaur
  • Baby Infant Hippo
  • Peacock
  • Dragon
  • Baby Hippo
  • Monkey Do
  • Cutest Mullins Square Lobster
  • Cutest Mermaid
  • Catterpillar Baby Costumes
  • Baby Snail
  • Baby Turtle
  • Baby Elephant

Superhero theme Cutest Halloween Baby Costumes

  • Cute Bat Girl
  • Batman
  • Super Girl
  • Superman
  • Spiderman
  • Wolverine without the claws (of course)

Other Cutest Halloween Costumes for Babies

  • Bunting pea in the pod costume -- I like this one but the baby can't move, once the baby is awake and learning to walk this is not a nice idea, it is still best for babies who are not starting to walk yet
  • Baby Pumpkin Pie or Baby Pumpkin
  • Baby Skeleton
  • Baby Devil
  • Baby Monster
  • Peanut Baby Halloween Costume


Halloween is celebrated in different parts of the world and it is one tradition where people gather and enjoy the day with the so called Halloween costumes, "trick or treat" and Halloween parties. Children enjoy the celebration with their Halloween costumes and it is the time of the year where they are permitted to have candies. Babies take part in the celebration by wearing the cutest Halloween costumes (it is given that they are already cute) their parents can get them, why not, the pictures afterwards are kept and remembered long after the Halloween celebration is done.. Well, they are children only once and it is part of their childhood memories.We can buy Halloween costumes for babies online too.

Every year, there are new additions to the classic and cutest baby Halloween costumes. There are costumes with themes like animals, the classic superhero costumes and the princess, fairy witches plus vampires and are still available. When choosing baby Halloween costumes, there are things we should take into considerations, babies comfort is very important plus we make sure that they can move at ease and the fabric is not itchy. The age of the baby is important when choosing the Halloween costumes as some costumes are designed for some babies with limited movements. We should also consider if the baby is already walking as there are costumes for babies that are designed for those who cant walk yet.


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