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9 Dark Black Halloween Costumes for Women

Updated on September 16, 2016

Are you planning to dress up for Halloween but have yet to decide on what kind of costume you should or want to wear? With so many different kinds and styles of costumes to choose from, it's no wonder that some might be having a hard time making a choice especially as many of these outfits all seem perfectly suitable.

Black princess costume for Halloween
Black princess costume for Halloween

To help you decide, why don't you consider what it is you're looking for?

Are you looking for costumes that will terrify and frighten people?

If so, you should stick to checking out costumes with such themes.

But if you're looking for costumes that aren't scary but which look elegant and magnificent instead, then you've come to the right hub.

Black-Colored Costumes for Halloween

The color black can symbolize darkness,mystery, and the unknown while also having the ability to give a sense of foreboding as well as evoke fear and terror in people.

Black can be scary and creepy but it can also be glamorous and elegant.

This all depends on what kind of costume you're wearing for Halloween.

If your black-colored outfit is designed to scare people, then it will look scary especially with added makeup and props and accessories.

Evil Sorceress Costume Small
Evil Sorceress Costume Small
This dark sorceress costume looks really beautiful, no? You can see more black-colored Halloween costumes below.

Wearing a dark outfit is very apt for Halloween but not all people want to look terrifying and frightening for this occasion.

For those that want to look fabulous and not-so-scary while still giving a Halloween feel to their chosen outfit, wearing a dark or black-colored costume for Halloween is certainly a way to address said issue.

Of course, for those that want to be both scary and magnificent at the same time, it's also possible to achieve such an effect with a dark-colored outfit.

So, what are some of the dark or black-colored costumes that women or females can wear for Halloween?

Dark Black Halloween Costumes for Women / Females
Dark Black Halloween Costumes for Women / Females

1. Dark Princess

Who says that princesses have to wear bright clothes and be all nice and kind?

For Halloween, there's no need to stick with the usual Disney princesses like Snow White and Cinderella who seem to embody goodness and all those other lovely traits.

It's certainly more fitting to go with a dark black princess costume for this holiday.

You can go with something like the Costumes For All Occasions Ic5030Xxxl Dark Knight 3Xl, which looks elegantly stylish with its combination of dark colors, dress length and even the dangling sleeves. You can also decide to get yourself a dark or black crown to go with your costume.

2. Dark Queen

If there are dark princesses, then it is not surprising that there are also dark queens.

The costumes of these two characters would appear to be rather similar as either usually consists of a dress and, of course, a crown of some sort.

However, while there may be similarities in the princess and queen costumes, both do have significant differences as these outfits all come in a multitude of styles and designs.

Take a look at the Spider Queen Adult Costume - Small as an example.

Dark Spider Queen Adult Black Costume
Dark Spider Queen Adult Black Costume

This is certainly one stunningly gorgeous outfit.

The dark colors seem to blend so beautifully together.

The black lace that looks like spider webs really adds to the look of this outfit while the layers of the dress skirt just serve to make this costume look really elegant that you shouldn't have a problem standing out amongst the crowd with this costume on.

Of course, you can also go with a queen costume that is a little bit more traditional than the aforementioned one.

You could opt to don just a simple and yet still fantastically magnificent dark black dress.

Be sure to add some jewelry to your queen costume to complement your outfit.

3. Dark Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

If you want to be different from all those who might opt to go with a dark queen costume, you might instead decide to go with a dark Egyptian queen costume.

This is an especially viable option for you if you are particularly fond of the Egyptian look or even that of Queen Cleopatra.

There are other Egyptian costumes that aren't dark but for those who want a dark-colored one, something like the InCharacter Costumes Women's Cleopatra should do the trick.

This particular costume really appears to befit that of an Egyptian queen and the style and design couldn't possibly be mistaken for anything other than Egyptian.

Black Cleopatra Costume

Women's Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Dark Black Halloween Costume
Women's Egyptian Queen Cleopatra Dark Black Halloween Costume

The blue colors prevent the dress from becoming too dark while the arm and wrist bands with drapes just serve to add more oomph and flair to this costume.

One of the best things about this costume is that several accessories are included in it.

Other costumes usually include only the dress itself minus all the other accessories that may have been shown in the image provided.

But this Egyptian costume also includes the headdress, collar, apron belt and the aforementioned arm and wrist bands.

4. Dark Sorceress

Black Sorceress Costume

Want to have power and magic, but don't want to be a witch? You can be a sorceress instead with this costume
Want to have power and magic, but don't want to be a witch? You can be a sorceress instead with this costume

For a touch of fantasy and something more magical, why don't you go with a dark sorceress costume?

Sorceresses are known to have magical powers though they're not exactly witches and therefore do not have the trademark pointed hat and broomstick which is part and parcel of a witches' costume.

Of course, it's not only the witches that can look darkly amazing while still being able to come across as dangerous and powerful.

Take a look at the California Costumes Women's Evil Sorceress Adult, Black/Turquoise, Small (featured above) to see an example of how glamorous and powerful sorceresses can be. The entire outfit screams elegant from its color to its length.

5. Dark Fallen Angel

Sexy Fallen Angel Costume
Sexy Fallen Angel Costume
Not all angels are light or white. Be a dark or fallen angel with this black costume that's simply perfect for Halloween

Just like with queens and princesses, not all angels are light and good.

There are always two sides to every coin.

If there are light angels, then there are also dark or fallen angels.

These angels may be dark and fallen but they are still angels, which means they still have wings and a halo albeit black in color, of course, such as in the case of the California Costumes Fallen Angel Dress.

The small black wings serve to complement the rest of the dark ensemble while the way the skirt is cut and the overall design of the dress seem to really embody the dark and fallen angel theme.

6. Dark Demon / Devil

Black Devil Costume
Black Devil Costume | Source

If there are angels, then of course there are also demons and devils.

Devil costumes are usually red in color.

But there are also black-colored ones like the Smiffy's Devil Set Sequined Costume, Black, One Size.

So, if you think that red demon costumes are too bright or too bloody crimson for you and you're looking for something darker, then go with a black devil costume instead.

With this particular costume, you even get the black-horned headband, the black devil's tail and the black trident, which definitely helps to complete your dark demon or devil getup.

7. Dark Fairy

Black Fairy Costume

Fun World Plus Size Midnight Fairy Costume
Fun World Plus Size Midnight Fairy Costume
Even fairies can be dark, but not necessarily evil. You can be a shadow fairy or a midnight fairy with this costume

Do you want to wear wings for your costume but don't want to be an angel, fallen or otherwise?

Then why don't you go as a dark fairy for Halloween?

Not all fairies are good and kind and not all fairy costumes consists of bright and light colors.

There are costumes like the Fun World Women's Midnight Fairy Plus Size Costume, which are perfect for those who would like to be darker fairies or midnight and shadow-type fairies.

You even get a dark wand with this costume alongside the dark-colored wings so you should have no problem feeling and looking like a fairy with this outfit.

8. Dark Warrior

Black Warrior Costume

Who says only men can be warriors? Even women can be warriors and they can be very awesome at it. To add to your costume, you can also get a sword and shield prop
Who says only men can be warriors? Even women can be warriors and they can be very awesome at it. To add to your costume, you can also get a sword and shield prop | Source

Do you feel like waving a sword around and pretending to fight people and act amazingly tough and strong for Halloween?

If so, you might consider going as a dark warrior for the holiday.

After all, men aren't the only warriors around and they're not the only ones that can be good with swords or that have high levels of strength and the ability to beat the villains and the bad guys.

Women can also do a very good job of being exceptionally strong and capable warriors.

Aside from having great swordsmanship skills, women warriors also have awesome and cool outfits.

An example is the Fever Women's Dark Warrior. With this costume, you can really see how women warriors are capable of looking dangerous and intimidating while still retaining beauty and charm.

The black cape included with this costume can even make you feel like a superhero. To add to your warrior look, you can get yourself a sword or even create your own sword prop.

9. Dark Goddess

Starline Dark Goddess, Black, Small
Starline Dark Goddess, Black, Small

If you're looking for a bit more power than what warriors are capable of, then you might be more inclined to go as a goddess for Halloween.

Goddesses are thought to have a lot of power and magical capabilities though it varies depending on which goddess is being talked about.

While there are many different goddesses out there such as from Greek Mythology or Norse Mythology, this doesn't necessarily mean that you have to dress up as a specific goddess.

You could decide to dress up as some random, made-up goddess if you want to.

You can find costumes that don't mention a specific goddess, like the Starline Dark Goddess, Black, Small, so you could be the one to decide which goddess you're going as.

With a black-colored goddess outfit, you could be one of the many goddesses of the dead or the underworld.

The aforementioned costume looks simply stunning and fabulous with the way it is cut and the way parts of it seem to trail and dangle.

There is even a gold leaf headpiece which is included with this costume though if you don't like it, you could look for something else such as a darker headpiece or even a black crown.

Which of the following dark black costumes do you want to wear for Halloween?

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These are just some of the many dark black costumes for women that you can find for Halloween.

Any of these costumes can easily allow you to look mysterious and foreboding especially with the right makeup and even wearing jewelries with a Halloween theme or design.

But remember that just because an outfit is black in color doesn't mean that it can't make you look elegant and magnificent.

There's no reason why you can't both be scary and yet stunning at the same time if that's the look that you're aiming for.

Image sources:

© 2013 Ceres Schwarz


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