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Decorate a Black Christmas Tree

Updated on November 27, 2012

A black Christmas tree? I know, you saw it at the store! You don't have to make it your main tree, set it up in your dining room or in a little bit of space off to the side and have fun with it!

If, however, you are a little bit apprehensive of a black Christmas tree, you may want to check out a virtual black Christmas tree designer!

Black is a Neutral

Go with that. Black goes with everything. Pile on 3 or 4 colors and it won't clash. You won't be getting away with too many red ornaments on a pink tree!


If your black Christmas tree isn't the pre-lit type, you have a choice to make on lighting. White or color?

If color, multi or a single color? Blue might look nice, as would a string of alternating red and white.

If white, LED or incandescent? LED cool white vs. warm white will give you a cold, icy look versus a warm look.

The lights and the ornament colors are going to be your source of conflict more than the color of your black tree! Think of blue lights (or cool white LED strings) with red ornaments. Yikes.


Hey, the fun part! Hanging the ornaments on the tree. I like to pretend I'm a domestic goddess we're all familiar with, and go with multiple shades of the same color on my tree. The only time I really stray from this formula is when the ornaments are a mix of red and green. This screams Christmas to me, and looks ace on a green tree.

Any shape is great, go with whatever you like. It all comes back to color.

Red - Will this look a little too "Gothic"? Light red is usually pink.
Blue - Think ice! Go light blue, icy blue, royal blue. Mix it up!
Yellow - A holiday bumblebee.
Green - Would be like a reverse Christmas tree...
Purple - You won't go wrong with this shade synonymous with royalty.
Orange - I've never seen an orange Christmas ornament in my life.

Of course, silver and gold would be a good choice. Together or choose one. They'll reflect the black color of the tree and make you look like a regular design diva (or super masculine Christmas tree designer).

Key tips to having a black Christmas tree that does not look like it was put up in October for Halloween:

  • Illuminate your black Christmas tree well
  • Choose colors carefully!
  • Understate the color
  • Overstate the glitz and drama
  • Mind that the point of it being a stark, black tree doesn't get lost
  • A black tree can handle big and small ornaments, vary the sizes
  • a light garland can break up the darkness

How many trees do you put up for Christmas?

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