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Decorating Traditions at Christmas Time - Our Decorations During the Holidays - Inside and Out

Updated on January 17, 2012

Some of Our Decorating Traditions at Christmas

For all the people that celebrate Christmas, most have some way they decorate each year. Some of the things are traditions, others are hit and miss, and some are new altogether. Below, I will share some of our favorite and ongoing traditions in regards to decorations at Christmas.


Every year we put up at least some lights in the front yard. This adds so much for the effort put in. Coming home at the end of a day especially, it is so fun to see the lights shining bright on the house or in the yard. We enjoy not just our own lights, but those of anyone else in our neighborhood that puts up lights

Christmas Tree

To many kids, Christmas may not be Christmas without a tree. I have always grown up with one, and love them so much. The lights, decorations, and presents underneath say it all.

Christmas Stockings

One of the most fun aspects of Christmas is the stockings. When they are hung by the chimney or wherever they are hung, they bring a sense of joy and excitement for the day they will be opened up to see what is inside. Even adults feel like kids again when opening or taking out the contents of a stocking.

Nativity Scenes

In these latest years, I have come to a conclusion that I am indeed a collector of Nativity scenes. I love these often rustic looking decorations, of an amazing event that happened so long ago. Isn't the birth of Jesus what it is all about anyway?

Candles and other Knick Knacks

I absolutely love candles, candle holders, and cute or pretty little knick knacks that are about Christmas. They help the house come alive for Christmas, even little rooms, like the bathroom.


Christmas Wreaths are hung inside in one spot, and outside in a couple places. These are just so nice, and simple.

Yard Decorations

For a few years, we added a new yard decoration a year. This was when our boys were small. We had a lit up Nativity Scene, penguin, baby seal, snowman and more. Oddly, one year we lost our seal and penguin to some thieves, if you can believe that!? They were some of our favorites, and it was so sad. They were the ones that used to have moving parts. Stranger than them being stolen, was that the seal was returned a year and half later. It was in our grass, but facing the house. It was odd to see it out there one day. Also, it was working again!


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