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Decorations for a Luau Party

Updated on March 12, 2011

Are you hosting a luau themed party this year? If you are planning to enjoy the warmth of spring and summer by hosting a luau event, be sure to set the stage with appropriate decorations.

Luau Party Decoration Ideas

Whether you are celebrating someone's graduation, birthday, or simply want to host a luau party because you think it will be fun, there are plenty of simple and affordable decorating options to set the stage for a fun and memorable celebration. A few suggestions that you may want to try include:

Themed BannerConsider welcoming guests to your luau event with a large paper banner imprinted with an Aloha greeting. You can make your own banner or purchase an inexpensive piece from your favorite party supply store.

Centerpiece – There are many table centerpiece options for a luau themed party. Consider an arrangement of live or silk tropical flowers. A potted orchid will add a beautiful, elegant touch to your décor for the party, and every day of the year. If you'd prefer something more whimsical, visit your favorite party supply store and look for novelty centerpieces like parrot cutouts or plastic tiki statues, hula dancer dolls, or pink flamingo figurines.

Party Lights – Strings of festive party lights can really go a long way in setting the mood for your luau themed party. Whether the celebration will take place inside or outdoors, you can help guest get in the spirit of the occasion by illuminating strategic locations with festive lighting. Your favorite party supply store is likely to have several options to choose among, including strings of paper luau lights as well as novelty plastic lights in shapes like flamingos, fish, seashells, tropical flowers, palm trees, and more.

Lawn Decor – Because many luau parties take place outdoors, you may want to consider adorning your lawn with a few strategically placed theme decorating pieces. Party supply stores and garden centers often carry yard art pieces that work perfectly for this type of occasion. Consider decorating your yard with pink flamingos, tiki torches, full-size luau cutout pieces, and other whimsical adornments.

Party Favors – Leis are the perfect party favor for any luau themed party. Consider providing each guest with an inexpensive silk lei upon arrival. You can purchase these items in bulk at most party supply stores, so it won't cost a fortune to make sure that everyone is welcomed to the party in proper Aloha style!

Share Your Luau Decoration Ideas

What suggestions do you have for luau themed party decorations? Please share your thoughts about the best way to decorate for luau celebrations in the comments section below!


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