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Decorations for a Patriotic Themed Party

Updated on March 12, 2011

Are you planning to host a party for Memorial Day, Independence Day, President's Day, or another day when a patriotic theme is appropriate? Maybe you're having friends over to watch the results of a federal election come in? Whatever the reason, there are plenty things you can do decorate your home inside and out in a manner that shows your patriotic spirit.

Patriotic Colors

Start out with a patriotic color scheme for all of your party décor. No matter what type of decorative elements you choose, make sure to stick with a red, white, and blue color theme. You can get tablecloths, plates, napkins, and forks in these colors from just about any store, especially when it's time to honor a holiday for which a patriotic themed event would be appropriate.

U.S. Flag

No gathering held in celebration of the United States is complete without a U.S. flag. If you typically display a decorative flag on the front of your home, change it to a U.S. flag for the event. You can use your flag to display patriotism year round, or on special occasions honoring U.S. and those who have served the country throughout the year.

Flag Décor

You can use flag themed décor throughout the party area as well. Visit your favorite brick and mortar party or crafts store and you're sure to find a number of items that will work appropriately for your event. You may find all kinds of items, ranging small fabric or plastic flags that can be used to enhance floral centerpieces to small flags on plastic picks that can be used to decorate cupcakes and other baked goods.

Party Lights

Use a few strings of festive party lights to lend a festive flair to the event. There are many patterns and designs appropriate for a patriotic themed party, including flags, stars, and even decorative paper lanterns in appropriate colors.

Stars and Stripes Confetti

Consider scattering patriotic confetti on the tables where the buffet will be set displayed. Party supply and craft stores will carry have matte and shiny finish stars and stripes confetti most of the time. This can be a very affordable way to enhance your party décor.

Floral Arrangements

Consider placing a few attractive patriotic themed floral arrangements throughout the area o you home where guests will be gathering. Florists and supermarket floral centers often carry holiday themed cut flower displays. For example, white carnations with red and blue tips make an attractive display. Potted plants decorated with red, white, and blue bows also make an attractive display.


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