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Decorations for a Saint Patrick's Day Party

Updated on June 5, 2011

Are you hosting a Saint Patrick's Day party this year? If your friends and family members will be marking March 17 with a celebration at your home, be sure to set an appropriate stage with festive holiday themed decorations.

There are many different ways to approach decorating for a Saint Patrick's Day party. The one thing that you need to be sure to do is to make sure that the primary color in your decorating scheme is green. For Saint Paddy's Day, not just any green will do. Choose decorations that are a vibrant shade of kelly green, in a shade close to the color that shamrocks grow naturally.

Saint Patrick's Day Party Decoration Ideas

Tablecloth – Since the table where snacks and beverages will be served is likely to be the focal point of your party, be sure to choose a tablecloth that is appropriate for the theme of the day. Choose a green cloth, paper, or vinyl tablecloth for your Saint Patrick's Day party.

Centerpiece – Enhance your serving table with an attractive floral centerpiece. You can use fresh or silk flowers, being sure to choose an arrangement in which green is the predominant color. You'll probably find a variety of holiday themed bouquets at your favorite florist, or even in the floral section of the supermarket that you visit to purchase supplies for the occasion.

Garland – You can use green garland to decorate your home for a Saint Patrick's Day party. Place garland around doorways and windows, and even across the mantel for your fireplace. If you used green garland at Christmas time, you can repurpose it for use on March 17.

Leprechaun Figurines – Place a few plastic or ceramic leprechaun figurines in strategic locations throughout your home as a way to dress up your home in preparation for your Saint Paddy's Day celebration.

String Lights – Consider decorating some of the windows or doorways in your home with strings of green shamrock lights. You can even place these types of light strings on the outside of your home, assuming that you purchase light strings that are approved for both indoor and outdoor use.

Party Favors – Consider providing guests with holiday themed party favors as a way to liven up your party. You can find affordable themed party favors at your local party supply store or from various online vendors. Possibilities include: shamrock cookie cutters, shamrock bead necklaces, green votive candles, inexpensive green felt hats, and other novelty items.

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