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Different Types of Mocktail Drinks for Your Party

Updated on July 6, 2013

Mock tails are a discovery of culinary creativity; a good cook’s imagination at its best. The unique tastes and blends of different juices, syrups and fresh seasonal fruit pieces temp and mystify people with all kinds of taste buds. Mock tails are essentially nonalcoholic and relished by everyone especially lovers of fruity flavors…

Although, it takes years of practice to achieve a perfectly mixed drink, with a few simple rules in mind you can create some sensational taste combinations of your own. Before mixing a drink have every thing close at hand, measure the portions accurately and prepare lots of freshly crushed ice for use. For ice cubes with a difference, place lemon wedges or fruit pieces in an ice tray and use in your mock tails drinks when frozen. Avoid using melting ice. Cut fruits into cubes, don’t forget to use garnishes to add decoration and give an extra dash to the drink.

Strawberry Colada Milkshakes
Strawberry Colada Milkshakes

Strawberry Colada


  • Pineapple Juice 200 ml
  • Fresh cream 50 ml
  • Coconut Milk 20 ml
  • Strawberry Crush 20 ml


Mix all the ingredients and crushed ice. Pour in to a tall glass garnish with a strawberry slice. Serve with a fancy straw.

Blue Angel


  • Litchi Crush 20 ml
  • Lime Juice 5 ml
  • Blue Cauraco 5 ml


Mix all the ingredients. Pour into a tall glass. Top up with Sprite or Lemonade. Add crushed ice, garnish with a slice of lime. Stir gently and serve. You can use a fancy straw.

Mango Flicks
Mango Flicks

Mango Flicks


  • Mango Juice 90 ml
  • Almond Syrup 15 ml
  • Dash of cream and Raspberry crush


Blend all the ingredients in a blender for just two seconds; pour it in a medium glass. Add crushed ice, garnish with a Mango slice and serve.

Mango Delight


  • Mango Juice 30 ml
  • Pineapple Juice 30 ml
  • Orange juice 30 ml
  • Fresh Cream 30 ml


Shake up all the ingredients add in a tall glass with crushed ice garnished with a Cherry or Pineapple. You could also use Mango or Vanilla ice cream instead of fresh cream.

Pin Colada


  • Fresh Cream 30 ml
  • Mango Juice 120 ml
  • Pineapple Juice 120 ml
  • Sugar Syrup 30 ml
  • Whipped egg white One (optional, one could also use Blue Crush)
  • Crushed Ice


Mix all ingredients and garnish with pineapple slice. Serve with crushed ice in a champagne glass.

The glasses that you use for serving are also very important

You can use the following kinds of glasses

Champagne glass: It is a saucer or flute shaped glass

Cocktail Glass: It is V-shaped triangular glass.

Old-fashioned glass: A tumbler with traditionally slopping sides.

Highball glass: A tall straight-sided glass.

Easy to make mock tails. So go right ahead and try them out. Cheers!!!

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      moonlake 4 years ago from America

      These all sound very so good. I like the sound of the one with whipped egg white. Voted up.