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Digital Crystal Clear Day Night Au Video Baby Monitor for Christmas Gift With Manual

Updated on October 16, 2010

You are wondering what digital technology to buy for your baby as a gift; the digital crystal clear Day Night is one of the best technologies to buy as a gift for your baby during this Christmas festivity. This digital Crystal clear will help you keep an eye on your baby once they are asleep, playing and at all times you will have to know your baby’s safety

It has got clear signal with no interference from neighbors and this makes it to be one of the most trusted technologies. One beauty with the baby monitor is that your cordless phone signals cannot interfere with it. The Christmas baby monitor is a2.4" Digital Security Video Surveillance, the Baby Monitor is a non intrusive and has got a wireless baby monitor camera and a clear LCD system. During Christmas the baby monitor is the Ideal for keeping an eye on your baby when you're relaxing after their bed time or for when your kids are out playing in the field or home garden

Digital baby monitor

digital baby monitor
digital baby monitor

Digital Baby Monitor Main Features:

The baby monitor has got many features which makes it ideal for your baby at all times; these are some of the features to expect from the baby monitor when you buy it. It comes with 2.4Hz digital wireless technology with a high definition and frame rate. The baby monitor has got it signal secure and cannot be interfered with which means it is interference free. The beauty of the baby monitor is the ability to expand system up to 4 cameras with high night vision and extra clearer sound trigger, it also have a two way control night light camera which make it easy to operate and the beauty of these cameras are that they can be stand alone desktop or can be wall mounted, whichever suit your needs. As you work with these baby monitors you will notice that their batteries stay longer the reason as to why this happens is that they have built-in rechargeable battery pack for your monitor. The beauty of the LCD is that it is a 2.4” monitor and can work at 3 modes namely Auto, Scan and Manual just choose which mode to operate on. If that is not all, it comes with adjustable sound trigger sensitivity and a very clear alarm volume you do not have to worry about the sound and both monitor and monitor base can be connected to TV A/V output

When you buy the baby monitor from any store it may take from 7 -14 business working days to reach your destination and one has to pay shipping and handling fee, and this do varies from various stores. It comes with a manual to help you connect and troubleshoot when having difficulties. Hope you care the safety of your child be it during Christmas time or at all time, then here is the gadget to go for. Protect your child protect yourself. You can find it from many store including Amazon and many others


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    • Truth From Truth profile image

      Truth From Truth 8 years ago from Michigan

      very good hub

      I wish I would have had tips like this before I bought my moniter its terrible , bad static and it does not work only about 8 mins on batteries