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Disney Inspired Easter Basket

Updated on March 19, 2016
A Disney inspired Easter basket.
A Disney inspired Easter basket.

This year for Easter my whole family will be gathering together to celebrate. Since in the past few years we have all done our own thing this year I was eggstra excited because this means I get to make baskets and prep for an egg hunt. My niece definitely is getting the most spoiled because she is the youngest and a fellow Disney fanatic (she takes after her auntie)! I thought up of very cute and affordable things to put in her basket and I will share them with you as well as give you some ideas on what you can do if you are looking for a few items for an Easter basket.

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Finding the perfect basket:

I always like to start with the basket. The basket not only is what everything goes into but it is also the first thing someone sees when they receive it. My niece is quickly growing out of the little girl stage (insert sad face) and into the pre-teen/teenager stage. Since Easter is all about the pastels I didn't want to get anything too "little girl" so I opted for a multicolored pastel plaid wood basket. If you don't want to buy a basket I also really love to buy things that people can use such as small storage bins or decorative boxes that can hold things in every day life. The basket is also important to start with because of its size. You want to make sure what you buy will fit inside of it.

Non-candy items:

I know Easter is all about the chocolate bunnies and peeps but as we all get older we try (or should try) to stay away from a whole basket full of candy. In my family we try to do minimal candy and more of other useful items. For my niece I wanted to include lots on Disney items because I know how much she loves them. The great thing about Disney is that you can find Disney products everywhere, you don't have to go to the park to get them (although I did that too).

I bought her a Disney CD from target that I know she will love to listen to in the car. It has some of the most popular Disney songs on it sung by popular artists. I found this at Target for a really descent price and they actually had a really big Disney music section.

My niece loves the tsum tsum collection from Disney and has practically collected them all. I was planning on getting her some and putting them inside of eggs for her basket but she has all of them. Instead I decided to get her a tsum tsum lipsmaker chapstcik. I got her the minnie mouse one which is strawberry flavored! There are other characters such as Mickey, Pooh, and Stitch (below) that are equally adorable.

So I wasn't planning on buying anything to spendy but while I was at Disneyland doing the Easter Egg hunt I came across these adorable Disney cat pins. My niece loves cats and has a few herself. I know she will love this pin collection because she loves the movies that they come from. This was the most expensive thing I purchased but it is totally worth it.

Candy Items:

So of course I put candy in her basket. She is ten after all. Fortunately and unfortunately for me she is not a huge fan of chocolate. I do know that she loves peeps so I have to include some in her basket. I also know that she love sour candy, just like her momma. I bought her this cute package of candy from Disneyland that I know she loves. I included a little bit of chocolate but not much. I also like to add in some snack items such as Annie's fruit snacks. Not only are they healthy but they are bunnies and perfect for Easter!

Finished basket:

All that is left is to assemble everything! I put a bag of grass in the bottom and layered all the items in the basket. I left some extra room inside for eggs to be placed in (for picture purposes I left most of them out). I love how everything is so bright and colorful. I just know she is going to love this basket!

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© 2016 Lyndsay Gamber


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