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Disney Lilo & Stich Beach Birthday Party "OHANA"

Updated on April 4, 2015

Want a Fun Summer Theme with A Kid Appeal

It all starts with a Great Hawaiian Themed Party. here is step by step guide on how to pull it all together.

Invitations-Plastic zip lock with beach sand, seashells and a sparkling blue glittery invitation with an orange hawaiian flower design will be a warm welcome to your guests.

Scene Setting-No we all don't live at the beach so we have to bring the beach to our backyard/living room. No problem start from the ground up.

Water Setting a Blue tarp will bring your ocean to life lay it flat if outside can secure with stakes or inside tuck under furniture.

Sea Animals.. these can be your choice of inflatable fish or stuffed animal dolphins.

A bubble blowing machine around your ocean floor will enhance the effects of being in the sea.

Tables bright Hawaiian solid colors work great and then you can add effect with green crepe paper string hanging down around the sides. also for more of an effect you can cut out cute fish out of poster board or foam board and glue/ tape to the crepe paper that is hanging down.

On the tables Hawaiian fruit would be great some coconuts and bright Hawaiian flowers as a base for balloons cups and plates and napkins can all be brightly colored with some umbrellas to go in the drinks also some lilo & stich stickers to apply to the cups and for confetti little flip flop confetti or other beach theme would also work. A few photo clips with Elvis Presley,Lilo and stitch Pictures 4X6 (printed offline) and of course as nameplates stich's space ship with the children's names.

Food snacks and drinks= beach pails would be great holders for snacks-chips/pretzels and old favorites, put everything on a stick the kids will love peanut butter sandwich bites with grapes and fruit. ext. Drinks Hawaiian punch just seems right but if you would like something a little different go for a blue punch and float little plastic fish ice cubes can buy in the store.

walls or fences/ trees depending on indoor or out make some palm trees simply some cardboard from refigerator boxes paint some brown and some green cut out to desired size and attach to wall/tree fences..ext.

Surfs Up..Surfboard and more Props.. make some cardboard surfboards with bright colors and Hawaiian flower stencils for Picture taking. And of Leis to wear and Grass skirts. These can be bought or made..Also you will need to make a giant spaceship for pictures and games.

Music - My top Choices- Lilo & stitch soundtrack and some traditional upbeat hawaiin music mixed in.and some of course some music from Elvis Blue Hawaii.

Games- musical rocket ship set up chairs around rocket chair prop one attached to it and Play until someone ends up in the spaceship and gets to take off 'hawaiin roller coaster ride would be a great song to use.

Coconut Bowling with soda bottles weighed down with beach sand

Lilo love to dance so let kids Hula and adults too!!

Lilos other passion was for picture taking buy some disposable cameras for the l little guests (aren't they beautiful) you will never know what pictures you were missing.

Stitch pinata or Palm tree pinata who wouldn't love candy and prizes

Cake you can go for a few different options you can do a beach ball, a spaceship or you can combine them together there are a lot of possibilities for this movie theme.

Party Favor

make a label for your good pail with the words Mahalo no kau hele 'ana mai= Thanks for coming In Hawaiin with the birthday guests name. In the pail you can put lilo and stitch stickers coloring book ext or water toys candy whatever you wish.

As far as color theme goes green red and yellow are your starting colors but oranges purples and pink can definitely work with this

Well this is me saying Aloha til next time hope you party is out of this world.

Lilo and Stitch sing along

Lilo & Stitch Fan

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    • chuckandus6 profile image

      Nichol marie 5 years ago from The Country-Side

      Thanks 4 your great comments guys glad u liked it

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      Thank you for bringing back memories of Great birthday parties

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Great ideas and tips for Hula party. I am sure kids gonna love this party. I love the cake most !!!