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Disney Princess Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on January 9, 2012
A Disney Party Castle
A Disney Party Castle

Disney Princess Birthday Party

Every little girl is a princess in our homes. They feel the affection, pampering and the great love we have for her. Watching Disney Princess movies makes her relate herself to every princess in the Disney movies she watches. My niece feels that she is Princess Aurora of the "Sleeping Beauty" and almost all things she has or all the gifts we give her should be Princess Aurora inspired from her shoes, headbands, dresses and even her school bag. Children just love living in a world of the noble Princes and Princesses and this make them feel they are very special beings. I can still remember when I was little how I dreamed I was Cinderella.

Planning a Disney Princess party for your little girl won't be that hard if you start listing first the things you need to prepare for the birthday party. Below are some ideas that will help you in your preparation from preparing Disney invitations, Disney cakes and castle, the venue decoration, Disney party games and other activities up to the gift baskets for your invited guests to take home. A Disney Princess party is an exciting and enchanting way to celebrate you little girl's birthday.

How To Make a Disney Princess Cake

A very important part that we should not forget to prepare for the Disney Princess party is a Disney Princess cake. The whole party would be more meaningful and enjoyable if the favorite Disney princess of the celebrant is there. The best way to represent this is by creating a Princess cake.

The video below gives you a detailed and step-by-step process on how to create your own Disney Princess cake. Of course, there are always available cakes that we can purchase online or at our nearest bakeshop but for some mothers, its more fulfilling if they make their own cake. This video includes the process of assembling the birthday cake, frosting and decorating the princess birthday cake.

How to make a princess doll birthday cake

Disney Princess Castle

Some people create their own Disney Princess castle to add to the enchanting ambiance of the venue. A beautiful castle is usually colored in pink and other similar colors. Some people though order ready-made Disney castles online or from their friends to save them time and reserve their energy for the party ahead. If you want to create your own Disney castle, the video below would be very much of help. Following the video are also some ready-made castles that you can order from amazon as well as books to guide you when you decide to create your own.

How To Make a Princess Castle Birthday Cake

Disney Princess Party Invitations

Disney Princess party invitations are very important to start setting the mood of your Disney party. A beautifully decorated invitation would encourage every little girl whom you invited to come and would give every mother ideas on what her little girl or boy would wear as a costume. Princess parties would become more exciting and fun if the guests also wear Disney inspired costumes. This reminder should not be forgotten to include in your invitation. How you write the invitation content should also be well-thought of. A sample invitation content goes like this:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The King of (your last name) Land has requested that Princess (invitee's name) be cordially invited to the 5th birthday party gala of Princess (your daughters name).

The Festivities will commence at 2:00 p.m. and will include, crafts, games, special treats prepared by the palace cook and a Royal Ball. The King has requested that you come dressed in your most royal attire. Please have your carriage arrive back for you at 4:30 when the festivities will cease.

Please RSVP the queen Mother as she will need to prepare the castle for your visit. This promises to be a magical experience for all.

You can read a detailed story of the above Disney Princess party HERE from preparing invitations, decorations and more planning and preparation ideas.

The video of a Princess Birthday Party below will give you many ideas on how to plan your own. Some people hire event organizers to do the planning, prepare the invitations, cakes, decorations and the whole party which makes it easier for the parents as these people are professionals in party organizing. However, if you plan to do it on your own, the tips below would greatly help you. You can also invite a professional female party host to do the introducing of guests and emceeing who can also play as a fairy godmother. Later on when the giveaways are about to be given, she can also take charge of giving it individually to the little guests

Note: I don't claim ownership of this video. Thank you to the person who uploaded this. If a request will be received to remove this video from this hub, it will be done so right away. Thank you.

Princess Birthday Party

Disney Princess Party Give Aways

As a Disney Party finale, you can do it by distributing the party giveaways that you prepared. If you hired a professional emcee or host who played as the fairy Godmother also dressed in costume, she can do the distributing or the birthday celebrant herself can do it. Ideas for party giveaways include a gift basket filled with candies wrapped in beautiful Disney wrapper with glitters, a little box of Disney princesses collection, a magical Disney mirror, a beauty set, and many more.


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