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Disney's Frozen Birthday Party Ideas and Supplies

Updated on February 9, 2015

A Little about Disney's Frozen

I am nearly into my 30s but that didn’t stop me from enjoying Disney’s Frozen. It is an animated picture not only meant for kids but for adults who is a child in disguise as well. Frozen was released in the year 2013. It is a beautiful musical animated film, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen, that managed to charm a lot of people regardless of their age. The movie ranks as one of the highest grossing animated movie of all times and even went on to win numerous awards.

The main characters in the movie included Princess Elsa (a princess with supernatural powers – she is able to form ice and snow even if it is sometimes against her own will), her younger sister Anna (a princess with a lot of spunk and fire in her), Prince Hans, the iceman Kristoff, his reindeer Sven, the incredibly cute snowman Olaf who is also my personal favorite.

If your kid is a Disney’s Frozen fan as well, why not hold a Frozen themed birthday party next time around? This page has been created to help you with just that. Presenting the best of Disney’s Frozen birthday ideas and supplies.

Birthday Cake Supplies

The birthday cake forms the most integral part of any birthday party. Without it, a birthday party is just incomplete. So first and foremost, let’s see what type of birthday cake supplies you can use for a Disney’s Frozen themed birthday party.

A cake topper set is exactly what you would want for your child’s birthday cake. This particular one encompasses all the main elements of Disney’s Frozen - Ice Cyrstals, Snow Flake, Trees, Rocks, and Backdrop along with cake topper figures of Anna, Elsa, Hans, Kristoff, Sven & Olaf.

Frozen cake topper set with Elsa, Anna, Olaf figurines
Frozen cake topper set with Elsa, Anna, Olaf figurines

Buy it here

Frozen 23-Piece Elsa and Anna Birthday Cake Topper Set, Contrasting Spring Arendelle with Frozen Arendelle
Frozen 23-Piece Elsa and Anna Birthday Cake Topper Set, Contrasting Spring Arendelle with Frozen Arendelle

Contains around 23 pieces. Contrasts Arandelle during its Spring and Winter seasons.


Next up, while we are on the topic of birthday cakes, how about some Frozen themed cupcake rings? Also makes a good party favor.

Disney's Frozen Cupcake Rings
Disney's Frozen Cupcake Rings

If you are more into edible cake toppers, then this particular Frozen themed edible image would be perfect for the birthday cake. You can also opt to include some figures along with the image to spruce it up.

If you wish to make the entire birthday cake all by yourself from scratch, you can make use of the ideas shown in these following video tutorials on how to make Frozen themed birthday cakes and cupcakes.

How to make Disney Frozen Princess Elsa Cake

How to make a Princess Anna Birthday Cake

Frozen Themed Cupcakes

For absolutely creative Frozen party food ideas and supplies, visit the link given below.

Disney's Frozen Party Plates, Cups and Napkins

Now that we have taken care of the birthday cake supplies, we can move on to Frozen themed party plates and cups.

Frozen themed party plates can be big or small depending on what you are going to serve. The following one is the bigger sized lunch or dinner plates where kids can have big helpings of yummylicious food. The following 9" plate showcases Princess Elsa and Anna – the beautiful sisters – striking a pose.

Frozen Lunch or Dinner Plates
Frozen Lunch or Dinner Plates

For serving desserts, you need smaller sized paper square cake or dessert plates like the 7" one shown below. It is always recommended to serve lunch or dinner and dessert in party plates because it is more convenient for kids and adults alike.

If you want to get a discount it is always recommended to buy value packs like the one below. In this pack, you will get Disney’s Frozen paper cups, plates, napkins – party supplies for 8 guests.

Buy Frozen Value Pack Online

BirthdayExpress Frozen Value Pack Kit
BirthdayExpress Frozen Value Pack Kit

Includes eight 9" lunch or dinner plates, eight 7" dessert plates, 16 pieces of napkins


How about party cups? Frozen themed birthday party paper cups are a must for your little guests to refresh themselves up with some cool beverages. These 9 oz. paper cups are perfect for the occasion.

Buy online

Disney's Frozen Party Balloons

What’s a birthday party without beautiful, colorful balloons? A birthday party décor seems incomplete without balloons and that’s why we have dedicated this section to Disney’s Frozen themed party balloons.

My personal favorite is Olaf the snowman birthday party balloon. It’s quirky and fun. This one is a tall one at 41” and might almost be the same height of all the kids at the party. Impressive in size as well as functionality.

Olaf the Snowman Party Balloon
Olaf the Snowman Party Balloon

Buy online here

We cannot afford to miss Princess Anna and Elsa here. These 38” foil balloons ensure that the royal princess’ presence is felt throughout the party.

Available here:

Anagram International 2816201 Disney Fr ozen Shape Balloon Pack, 31"
Anagram International 2816201 Disney Fr ozen Shape Balloon Pack, 31"

Contains a single piece. One side of the balloon depicts Princess Elsa and the other side shows Anna.


How about adding some shimmering Disney Frozen themed balloons to the mix? They resemble beautiful snowflakes in a variety of shapes and sizes up to 32”.

Buy here

Shimmering Frozen Snowflake Party Balloon Decorations Kit
Shimmering Frozen Snowflake Party Balloon Decorations Kit

The kit includes: One 32" Holographic Snowflake Mylar balloon , Two 20" Mylar balloon, Three 16" All around snowflakes latex balloons, Two star point Blue 20" Mylar balloon, and five 11" Glitter Snowflakes latex balloons


Frozen Birthday Party Decoration Supplies

We are done with Disney Frozen party balloons. Now which other items can we add to the list? For starters, having a birthday banner would be a cool idea. The ones at Amazon might be a bit pricey but on eBay you will be able to get your hands on some good deals. Take a look at a banner auction currently on at the moment.

You can also consider adding a Princess Elsa standup life size poster as part of your birthday party décor. An eyecatching piece that is sure to be a big hit among your young guests. Apart from Princess Elsa, you can also purchase Princess Anna, Olaf, Kristoff life size standup posters. They are made of heavy cardboard and made to last. Life sized replicas of your favorite Disney characters bring in a whole new dimension to your themed party - making it seem to your guests that they have entered a real life Disney movie.

The following poster shows both Princess Elsa and Anna in an affectionate embrace.

Princess Elsa Anna Lifesize Standup Poster
Princess Elsa Anna Lifesize Standup Poster

Princess Elsa and Anna Lifesize Standup Poster

Another cute piece you can add as part of your Frozen themed birthday party décor is this gilttery Disney princess chandelier hanging. It has a string attached to it which makes it easy to set up. Each tier has a Disney princess' silhouette which makes it suitable for just about any Disney princess themed birthday party.

Buy Glittery Chandelier Hanging Here

Disney Princess Glitter Chandelier Birthday Party Decoration (1 Piece), Pink, 32".
Disney Princess Glitter Chandelier Birthday Party Decoration (1 Piece), Pink, 32".

This glittery chandelier decoration measures about 13 1/3in tall and contains a 12" string for easy hanging.


If you are into DIY decorations, then you must absolutely try making your own snowflake illusion. A video tutorial is shown below. It is part of a Christmas décor idea but would suit a Frozen themed birthday party as well. The beauty of this decoration is that you can opt to keep it even after the party is over - it's that beautiful and can enhance the look of your home.

Falling Snowflake Illusion Party Decor

Disney's Frozen Birthday Party Favors

Frozen themed party favors are without a doubt one of the most important items in any birthday party. You would want to please your little guests by offering some themed goodies that they will never ever forget right? It is very important to choose items that will make a lasting impact. Gifts that leave a mark ensure that your birthday party is remembered for a long time to come. This means that all the effort you have put into organizing a Frozen themed birthday party would not go in vain.

When choosing party favors you can opt for expensive or inexpensive gifts depending on your budget. In case you are going for cost effective ones and are on a shoestring budget, then there are a variety of Disney’s Frozen party favor supplies out there that will fit your needs.

In this section, I am going to enlist a few that I really liked! They are cute, inexpensive and are sure to bring wide smiles.

The first one in our list is Princess Elsa and Anna blowout favors. One package contains 8 pieces.

Disney Frozen Blowout Birthday Party Favors
Disney Frozen Blowout Birthday Party Favors

Available here

Frozen Blowouts / Favors (8ct)
Frozen Blowouts / Favors (8ct)

Eight colorful and bright blowout favors.


It is almost impossible not to include Olaf in the favor bag. These make your own Olaf stickers are sure to bring a wide smile on your guests’ faces. In one pack, you get around 50 of them and your guests can make their own unique designs using the stickers.

Buy Olaf Stickers Online

MYO Olaf Stickers - 50 Per Pack
MYO Olaf Stickers - 50 Per Pack

Make 50 separate Olaf snowmen using this pack. Each design is unique. Includes 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch square sticker.


For girls, getting accessories of any kind is a big plus. So if you are creating separate goody bags for boys and girls, you can try to include this wrist bands for girls. They are extremely cute with snow flakes designed onto them. They are suitable for everyday use as well and not just for your themed party. This makes it an extremely cost effective buy because the guests can use it over and over again.

Frozen Themed Wristband Favors

12 Purple Snowflakes YOUTH Rubber Wristbands-Party Favors
12 Purple Snowflakes YOUTH Rubber Wristbands-Party Favors

12 wristbands included. 160 mm size. Made of silicone.


Mix some blue jelly beans into the mix and you have one happy kid.

You need to present your Disney Frozen party favors in an attractive way to your guests. You can do this with the help of colourful, bright, fun themed treat bags.

Buy here

Hallmark Frozen Favor Bags
Hallmark Frozen Favor Bags

One package contains 8 treat bags. 6.5" wide x 9" long.


© 2014 Kalpana Iyer


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