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Best Gifts for Dog Lovers

Updated on March 27, 2013

Gifts for dog lovers are a fun way to acknowledge a person's love of dogs while surprising them with something they are sure to enjoy. A gift for a dog lover can be either useful and smart, sentimental and sweet, or entirely silly and humorous.

To determine what type of gift a dog lover will like best, think about their personality, what types of things they do with their dog (if they currently have one), and what things the person already has.

The following list of dog gift ideas is sure to contain something perfect. Consider how useful, entertaining or touching each item would be for the person that you have in mind to home in on just the right gift!

Gourmet Dog Treats

Gourmet dog treats like cookies dipped in colorful yogurt icing or cupcake shaped biscuits make great dog lover gifts because people love to spoil their dogs. More special than everyday treats, these gourmet cookies look like human baked goods, but are healthy for dogs.

Try searching your local pet stores for specialty dog treats or ordering them online. Puppy "pizzas," over-sized bones and wheat-free dog cake mix are a few of the very cool treats you will find.

A dashing doggy bow tie makes for a super cute gift.
A dashing doggy bow tie makes for a super cute gift. | Source

Trendy Dog Clothes

Many dog lovers like to dress up their furry companions and the options for dog clothing today are nearly endless. Don't think dog clothes are for small dogs only - items like hats, scarves and neck ties can make even owners of big dogs smile.

Try searching online at a site like Etsy to find handmade, unique, trendy dog clothes. Cable sweaters, knit hats (with holes for ears), tutu dresses and footie pajamas are some of the cute dog clothes you will find. Depending on the dog owner you are surprising, your clothing choice could be something they cherish or something they find hilarious - either way, a win.

Breed Specific Specialty Items

Dog lovers typically have one or two favorite breeds - usually the breeds that they own. Consider breed specific specialty items when you are searching for a gift. A Boston Terrier shaped key rack, a Dachshund shaped ceramic bowl or an "I <3 my Great Dane" bumper sticker are a few examples.

Handcrafted dog collars and other customized items are perfect gifts for dog lovers.
Handcrafted dog collars and other customized items are perfect gifts for dog lovers. | Source

Customized Collars and Other Accessories

Getting something customized always feels special, so consider surprising a dog lover with something one-of-a-kind. A handmade or unique dog collar, suited to the owner's personal taste, can make a great gift. Look for quality leather or attractive fabrics, and sturdy hardware.

Engraved items, like tags for the dog or a necklace for the owner are thoughtful and sentimental. Custom dog dishes and dog beds can be ordered online - perfect for spoiling both dog and owner.

Outdoor Dog Adventure Items

If the person you are buying a gift for loves going on outdoor adventures, consider some outdoor dog gear. Food and water travel bowls, a backpack for the dog to wear on a hike, or a dog life vest can be very useful gear. If the owner does not already have one, a seat cover will save their car from the dirt and hair of travelling to outdoor dog excursions.

For a person with small dogs, a pet sling or backpack carrier for toting the dog with on grand adventures can be fun. A pet bicycle basket or elevated car seat might also be perfect.

The Shelter Pups makes custom stuffed dogs that look just like your dog's photo.
The Shelter Pups makes custom stuffed dogs that look just like your dog's photo. | Source

Personalized Dog Gifts

For a sweetly sentimental gift, consider having something made that resembles a person's current dog. The Shelter Pups will make custom stuffed dogs that look just like your pup, and proceeds support shelters and rescues! These dogs are handmade with natural felted wool.

Customized portrait paintings and artistic prints can also be made based off a dog's photo. Many shops on Etsy offer this kind of personalization. These are gifts a dog lover will treasure forever.

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Dog Books and Magazines

Dog books and magazines make great gifts for both people who already own and love dogs, and people who hope to have them one day in the future. Educational books on dog breeds, dog psychology and dog training are excellent for people who love dogs and like to read. Biographical stories about amazing dogs or fictional dog stories also make wonderful gifts.

Get a dog lover a subscription to Dog Fancy or Modern Dog magazines to give them dog-centered reading year round. These magazines are filled with articles related to dog training, health, breed info and more.


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