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Donut Maker Gift Set

Updated on December 20, 2012
Donut maker gift set: cheap and easy gift idea
Donut maker gift set: cheap and easy gift idea

An affordable and easy to put together gift for anyone!

In a previous hub I suggested a waffle maker gift set, I also made up other gifts sets this time using a Donut making machine! Because who doesn't love DONUTS!

So I purchased a Donut making machine (see our amazon suggestions below), I then looked at the recipe booklet that comes with the machine and purchased the necessary ingredients to make a batch of Donuts.

My Donut Making gift set consisted of:

  • 1 x Donut Making Machine
  • 1 x Mason Jar filled with dry ingredients and recipe leaflet
  • 1 x litre Long Life milk
  • 6 eggs

(You will not use all the ingredients in one batch but it was easier to keep the goods in their original packaging).

I then took all the ingredients and the waffle machine and packaged them in a large gift bag.

Our friends and family absolutely loved this gift and they had great fun making donuts during their Christmas holidays!


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