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Duchess and Keke's World 2014 Children Funfair: What it is all about.

Updated on February 12, 2014

Duchess and Keke’s world is one of the leading catering service in Nigeria. However, the owner of the company, Uche Keke Ogbuja and her partner, Aluba Dimgba, are also involved in charity. Each year she and her co-worker solicit support, in addition to their own resources, to organize a Funfair for orphans, widows, and the less privileged in society.

This is a means of giving the children a sense of belonging so that they won’t feel alienated from the society they live in. The children are given the opportunity to celebrate as one big family while they are shown love and care as they would from their parents.

They also receive free gift items especially, note books and other writing materials. The significance of such gifts is means of sending a message across to them and to help them get educated. This is because every child has the right to education and education still remains the best legacy any society can leave for her next generation. Moreover, it is only through education that a man can become enlightened which is necessary in the removal of any shackles.

The children and women are made to understand that they can still soar not minding any situation they may be in today. This is because even some of the world greatest men and women have stories as similar as theirs.

It was a privilege for the writer to be one of sponsors for the 2014 Funfair and he honored the invitation to be present at the funfair so he can see what it is all about. The writer trusts many others can get involved in such enviable idea. Moreover it is good to help and encourage Duchess and Keke World to extend their charity plans across the global as she wants to restore hope to those who have nobody to depend on.


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