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Easter - A Sacred Time

Updated on November 2, 2020
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Pamela-anne is a certified Freelance Writer who enjoys writing her own articles and ghostwriting for clients on Upwork.

Thoughts on Easter

Most people today when you say Easter their first thoughts are of chocolate bunnies, eggs, and an assortment of wonderful Easter colored candy. Not to forget the wonderful tradition of going on an Easter egg hunt, as well as boiling eggs and then painting them in wonderful colors and designs. I have to admit I have a weakness for chocolate bunnies and eggs; or anything that comes in chocolate for that matter!

Where Easter Originated From

But what is the true meaning on where the celebration of Easter originated from, different religions debate on this topic and lock horns over certain details.

Lent Ends for Christians

Easter Sunday for the Christians is the day that Lent ends which is a forty-day period of spiritual discipline, involving fasting, and repentance in getting ready for Easter. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent and Easter Sunday is the end of it.

Attendance at Christian Churches at its Highest

Good Friday is the Friday right before Easter Sunday this was the day that Jesus Christ was crucified. A few days later he was resurrected on Easter Sunday. This is the one day in the year that has the most attendance in the Christian churches around the world.

The Suffering Jesus Endured

Many of Christ's followers spend Good Friday in meditation, and in prayer thinking of the pain and suffering Jesus endured on this day when he was crucified on a Roman Cross.

Quote from the Christian Bible

The Jewish High Priests and the Romans could be at fault for having Jesus crucified causing him to loose his life; but he himself said "No one takes it from me, but I lay it down of my own accord. I have authority to lay it down and authority to take it up again. This command received from my father." This a quote directly from the Christian Bible that Jesus Christ stated to the people.

Lost Behind Chocolate Bunnies

Today we have commercialized this holy holiday so much that the true meaning behind it is getting lost behind chocolate bunnies and eggs! Christian churches have turned to calling Easter Sunday Resurrection Day for this reason.

The Day of Resurrection

After Jesus was crucified his body was taken to a tomb and placed inside it by Joseph of Arimathea then a large stone was placed in front of the entrance to the tomb. There where Roman soldiers guarding the tomb on the outside. On the third day "The Day of Resurrection" several women came to the tomb to anoint Christ's body one of them being Mary Magdalene.

Tomb found Empty!

All of a sudden there was a terrible earthquake and an angel appeared and rolled back the stone and told the people that Jesus was no longer in the tomb. He allowed the women to look into the tomb which they found to be empty. The angel announced that Jesus had arisen just as he said. He then told the women to go to the disciples and inform them of the "Resurrection of the Lord". As the women ran to tell the disciples the great news of joy they where met by Jesus who said to them "Do not be afraid go tell my brothers to go to Galileo. They will see me there.

Fistful of Gold

When the guards had told their story of the miracle the chief priests bribed the soldiers with a fistful of gold to lie and say that the disciples had stolen the body during the night.

Jesus Appeared

After his Resurrection Jesus appeared a few times to his disciples before he descended to heaven. His Resurrected body was not the same as his physical body in that he could now walk through solid objects but he was still able to be touched and he could still eat.

Giving Thanks to Jesus

We must try and take a moment to thank our lord for the great sacrifice he made to atone for our sins. This means putting the chocolate aside and really saying a prayer of thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ. Remember a prayer of thanks can be done from anywhere at anytime. Have a wonderful Easter but don't forget what Easter Sunday truly represents!

Easter Celebrations

Do you know what the Religious reason for celebrating Easter is?

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