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Easter Crafts for Kids

Updated on May 26, 2011

Easter holds not only religious significance, but it also signals the arrival of spring. The following Easter crafts for kids are fun, easy, and require little materials.

Paper plate Easter bunny craft
Paper plate Easter bunny craft

Easter Crafts for Kids - Bunny Face

Easter Bunny Face Made With a Plate

For this Easter crafts project, you will need:

2 plates- either styrofoam or paper plates

Pink construction paper

Pom poms

Wiggle eyes

Pipe cleaners

Crafts glue

Cut one of the plates in half. Then cut it to be shaped like a bunny ear.

Glue the ears to the back of the top of the other paper plate.

Cut medium circles from the construction and glue where the eyes will be. Then glue the wiggle eyes on top of the circles.

Glue a shape like a bowtie from the construction paper. Glue this to the bottom of the plate.

Glue a pompom to the center of the bowtie and to the center of the plate where the nose should be.

Glue three pipe cleaners on each side of the bunny's nose for whiskers.

Your Easter Bunny craft is done! This is a fun and easy Easter craft for kids. The Easter bunny can be made even simpler like the one in the photograph for younger kids.

Easter Crafts for Kids - Easter Bunny Magnet or Pin

This easy to make Easter craft for kids uses just a few items and costs very little. All you need is wiggle eyes, a pink or gray pompom, glue, a small magnet, fabric paint, and some felt- white, pink, gray, or a combination.

Cut three shapes from the felt- one circle and two long oval shapes that look like Easter bunny ears. You have the option of cutting two more bunny ear shapes that are a little bit smaller than the first two, but it isn't necessary.Glue the Easter bunny ears to the back of the circle. If you cut additional Easter bunny ear shapes, glue them onto the larger ear shapes.Next, glue on two wiggle eyes. Glue a pompom on for the nose.Use a fabric paint marker to draw on whiskers and a mouth.Use glue to attach either a magnet or pinback to the back.A simpler version of this is Easter craft is simply to use construction paper instead of felt. Draw on the mouth and whiskers with a marker.

Easter Bunny Pail Craft for Kids

Easy Easter Bunny Craft for Kids Video - Easy Enough for preschoolers; make an Easter bunny with a pail

Easter Crafts for Kids from Parents Magazine

Easter Crafts for Kids Video - Easter Craft Ideas from Parents magazine

Easter Crafts for Kids - Paper Bag Easter Rabbit

Easter Crafts for kids Video - How to Make an Easter Bunny from a Paper Bag

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    • profile image

      Angela Logie 6 years ago

      I love the paperplate easter bunnies. The kids are going to have so much fun making these. Thanks

    • profile image

      Finny 8 years ago


    • seamus profile image

      seamus 9 years ago

      Aw, the bunny is super cute. =)

    • Angela Harris profile image

      Angela Harris 9 years ago from Around the USA

      Eileen, I agree. These are fun and easy crafts for Easter, even for the littlest ones.

    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      good hub, yes we have to keep the little ones out of mischief and its good for them to be able to create things themselves