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Easter Eggs on Bing vs Cesar Chavez on Google

Updated on April 4, 2015

Please Don't Ban This Because You Disagree!

There is nothing in this Hub that is untrue, or violates the T.O.S. (Terms of Service) for Google, or HubPages. It is irritating and small minded of those are so willing to smash another writer who pens something that isn't protestant Sunday school. If a person cannot have his / her religion questioned they are already on shaky ground.

Holy Bunny Rabbits Batman!

Rabbits are associated with the gods of fertility
Rabbits are associated with the gods of fertility | Source

Easter Sunday Morning

- Easter Sunday.

For years I was a member of a fundamental Pentecostal Church. The main thing I can remember about Easter Week was it became a month of flurry and activity, and by that morning I would have been exhausted. Not just ready for a nap, but ready for critical care.

The three months before the celebration of the Death, Burial and Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, was that I would have worked and volunteered hundreds of hours, helping with our annual Easter production that ran for a week before, and the night of Easter Sunday.

This also included taking care of visiting pastors and their families, making meals, taking up donations - keeping the "suits" in Hart, Schaffner and Marx.

If We Want It, It Is Sanctified

Christmas Trees have pagan roots that are part of the religion of another sect than Christianity.
Christmas Trees have pagan roots that are part of the religion of another sect than Christianity. | Source

"...To Get All Dolled Up For Jesus..."

The time spent at the Church cleaning for regular church services still had to be done. I did that and did it for free. I was convinced that although I had been "Saved By Grace," I was a bad seed, and I should do as many good works as I could to really earn a place in glory.

When I cleaned the church, that included the sanctuary which seated about 300 people, a kitchen, two bathrooms, four Sunday School rooms, and the always. During the pre-Easter work, our tasks included painting and wallpapering in anticipation of all new visitors, the lukewarm member, and backsliders.

Conservative Political Groups Did Not Discuss Religion

The main topic of the morning service would be tempered with caution as to not offend any possible new converts, but there would be a stern undercurrent warning away from worship of an "egg laying bunny rabbit."

There would be a candy rain, an Easter egg hunt for the kids, and large chocolate covered peanut butter eggs, decorated and customized for Suzie and Johnny. This was 100% profit, because labor and supplies would have been donated and volunteered.

The week of, us churched up ones, would have terrorized beauty and dress shops for our Easter finery. The individual spending to get all dolled up for Jesus and our visitors was in the hundreds per person.

If we were poor, and effort would be made to help us look our best.

During this time, the church was solidly middle to almost liberal politically.

Governor Clinton was a friend of the church, and we were encouraged to vote for and promote this southern democrat.

Back then, in the 1990s conservative political groups did not discuss religion openly; like sex, they operated under the philosophy that it was better to keep these practices behind closed doors.

Jesus was associated with peace, love, compassion, empathy, and charity (love in action).

We know this is not the case today

Where Jesus was crucified and entombed

show route and directions
A markerGolgotha Hill -
Golgotha, Agios Athanasios, Cyprus
get directions

Where Jesus was crucified

B markerTomb of Jesus, Jerusalem -
Jerusalem, Israel
get directions

C markerThe Vatican, Rome -
Vatican City
get directions

Who Are Called Christians?

In the years following the torture, mutilation and murder of Jesus, the original followers of Christ were causing groups of people to seek the same attributes the disciples learned from Jesus, and exhibited the same compassion and power to heal, and deliver from sin.

The groups that began to form in areas were called Churches. It was in Antioch (Acts 11:26), after the martyrdom of Stephen, that the ministers of love, healing and compassion were called Christians.

They did not call themselves this; it was on-lookers and outsiders who branded them with this handle. It may not have been a compliment, because the organized religions of that time did not like the message; that is why they killed the messenger.

By 327 A.D. Rome had had her fill with this Jesus stuff, and made many laws which created the worship of Ishtar, who also saw a Messiah return to life, as a Christian Tradition along with other Holidays or Holy Days or High Days.

Why would anyone worship an object that shows a tortured and murdered Christ? Who can worship that ideal?

Is God In The Building?

Going to Church doesn't make you a  Christian, like going into the Garage doesn't make you a Car.
Going to Church doesn't make you a Christian, like going into the Garage doesn't make you a Car. | Source

Ishtar A Coincidence?

I will not get into the pagan roots of the worship of Ishtar, it is ancient; older than Christianity, and linked to the worship of Baal.

From what I have read, Nimrod was a grandson of Ham one of Noah's sons. [Genesis 10](The family that was saved from The Biblical Flood). When Nimrod died or ascended, he became a god; Baal. His wife and mother Semiramis claimed to have immaculate conception, and that the eggs associated with easter and the rabbit are because of fertility, the Moon was a goddess, and became full during the 28 day cycle. The moon as Semiramis would come down monthly, she would drop a giant egg in the Euphrates river...

From a tract: The Pagan Origin of Easter by The Last Trumpet Ministries

This Easter Sunday Thank God For Cesar Chavez

These days, I am at home or with my family at Easter. At home, I am safe from gun toting worshipers who can become angry that a civil-rights / labor-rights activists is featured on Doodle4Google™

Everyday becomes harder for me to wade through this murkiness of human hypocrisy and madness.

Cesar Chavez has acted as a leader, teacher and promoter of human rights.

There are many similarities between a compassionate individual that helped put food on the tables of our Nation, and Jesus; a sympathetic minister of healing and hope (who helped put food on the table).

On Easter Morning 2013, Conservative Christian Tweeters, were enraged to think the poor, and farm workers should be given any mention, and are raising hell at Google over their well placed meaningful decision.

The conservative are toting guns, and touting Bing™ as the better search engine, because they have Decorated Easter Eggs featured on their page this morning March 31, 2013.

Welcome to lulu world.

Poor Jesus.

The History of Easter

© 2013 Lori J Latimer


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