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Easy Christmas Craft Decorations

Updated on March 21, 2011

One of the best parts of the holiday season is being able to take the time to create things with your family. Many families love to create Christmas craft decorations each year. Whether you have children or are a family without children, these fun Christmas craft decorations will keep you entertained throughout the holiday break. The crafts listed below do not take any great artistic ability. All you need is a few basic, and inexpensive, supplies and the willingness to create a lovely craft!

Seashell crafts are great during the holiday although most people would never think of using seashells during the holiday season. If you live near a beach, or if you have saved shells from your summer vacation, get them out for this lovely craft Christmas decoration. Choose a shell that is medium sized and unbroken. Grab some white, red, and black paint and a paint brush.

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Using the lined part of the shell as the "beard", paint a Santa face onto each shell. After your paint dries, you can poke tiny holes in the shell for ornament use or you can simply set them around on your shelves. The more you do, the better you will find they turn out, so keep practicing! This fun and easy craft Christmas decoration is great to let children in on as well.

To create a different type of Santa, take an old bleach bottle and wash it thoroughly. Keep in mind that you should rinse it out with water, and avoid adding dish soap. Dish soap can mix with the leftover bleach and cause toxic fumes that can burn your throat and lungs if inhaled. After you clean the bottle, cut it in half, from top to bottom. Then, take a small knife and cut many small holes in the bottom half (the widest part) of your bottle half.

Use white yarn to loop into the holes to create the beard. Tie the yarn in the back to hide the excess. After you have a full beard, use red fabric, or a pre-made Santa hat to create the hat for your Santa. Use hot glue to attach your hat to the top of the bottle, hiding the bleach bottle completely. Next, paint your remaining area a flesh color and add eyes, a nose, and rosy cheeks. Allow your creation to dry. You can use this as a door hanging, wall hanging or simply set it out on your mantel.

Clay pots can help you create some of the most fun Christmas craft decorations. You can use them for several holiday symbols. If you are looking for an easy and fast creation to do with children, consider the Christmas tree clay pot creation. For this craft you should purchase three clay pots, in three varying sizes. Make sure each one is just a bit smaller than the first.

Stack the pots on top of each other from largest to smallest and use your hot glue gun to secure them together. Then, paint them completely green. After the paint dries you can use small pompoms and sequins to decorate your tree. Just use craft glue or a hot glue gun to attach the decorations. This is something children especially love doing.

Regardless of the craft you choose to partake in this holiday season, you will find Christmas craft decorations to be fulfilling and fun. They are decorations that you will likely keep for years because they have sentimental meaning behind them. They are adorable and can be great activities for bringing your family together during the holiday season.


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