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5 Fun Birthday Party Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Updated on May 25, 2016

Great Entertainment For Birthdays!

Children love a good birthday party. By planning their parties, you can make their birthday a memorable one. A birthday party can give your child’s friends a chance to spend great time socializing and building friendships. To make your birthday party a successful one, it is important that you should have proper entertainment.

Here are some great entertainment options All In Fun offers which will help you in deciding entertainment for your party:-


Clowns At ALL in Fun


1. Add Charm to Kid's Birthday Party by Hiring a Clown

Clowns can add lots of fun to your party. They are fun and entertaining and can bring together all members of your family. They have many talents and tricks to keep children entertained for great lengths of time. They can enhance the atmosphere of the party by telling jokes and twisting balloons for making a huge range of impressive balloon structures. If you have kid-focused party then make sure to ask about All in Fun’s clowns.

2. Magical Magicians to Brighten up Your Kid's Birthday Party

Magic shows can ensure both the host and guests a good time. It is not only a common choice among youngsters but also magic is suitable for everyone. An intelligent magician can add some humor with his mind blowing magic in the party. All In Fun has some great magicians. Watching a magician is a fun experience for kids to be creative and for their parents to encourage it.

3. Bounce Houses - An affordable Way to Add Excitement Birthday Party

Bounce houses are colorful, inflatable structures that allow children to bounce around, jump rapidly and enjoy the party within the inflated structure. They are perfect entertainment device for kids at birthday parties. They keep children occupied all the time which helps adults to spend quality time at the party without having to worry about their children. They are a great way to add entertainment to your party. They come in different structures including houses and castles.


4. Make Your Backyard for Obstacle Course Activities -

As I am always looking for fun, creative ways to get moving with my kids.Since my only son was toddlers I have been making my own backyard obstacle courses. Generally, the obstacle courses include inflatable structures which feature many stimulating challenges that the kids must overcome to successfully get through the obstacle course.

So, On coming birthday day party of your child get a few hula hoops, cones, jump ropes, and beanbags for obstacle course making on-the-go.


5. Caricature Artists- A fun Alternative or Addition to a Photo Booth

These artists have creative skills and quality artistic skills. They can draw funny pictures of all the kids at the party. These artists draw pictures that contain exaggerated facial features, distorted body proportions and humorous images that add laughter to the atmosphere of the party.

I've been to several birthday parties/events that had caricature artists and it was so fun! That being said people weren't massively interested in it or there wasn't a huge guest list so it was accessible to those of us who did want to participate! I'd say if you have like a hundred guests or fewer it's an awesome idea. More than that might be a bummer because everyone who wants one might not be able to get one. It's a much slower process than a photobooth.

Mario themed Carnival party in Brazil

Carnival Themed Party Ideas

Carnival Party Games
Carnival Costumes
Red and white striped banner
Baby Lion costume
Carnival treats centerpieces
Face Painting
Toddler tiger costume
Giant popcorn bag balloon arch
Bouncy house
Adult Ringmaster costume
Carnival party attraction signs
Rent a Dunk Tank, Bubble Machine
Child clown costume

Here are some suggestions for entertainment at your party:

Birthday parties are special events. Every time I plan a children's party, I focus on the children. I get that you don't want it to be a drag for the parents. But this is about the kids.


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