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Entertaining Book Review: Serendipity Parties

Updated on May 20, 2008

Looking for a terrific guide to help you plan a great party? Why not learn from the pros? Let Serendipity Parties: Pleasantly Unexpected Ideas for Entertaining (scheduled for release in June of 2008) by Stephen Bruce become your all-purpose party planning handbook!

Brought to you by New York's well-known hot spot for parties, Serendipity 3, this book is packed with ideas that will help you come up with festive party ideas that everyone is sure to enjoy. Serendipity 3 has a reputation for being "the: place to celebrate events of all types in New York. With this book, you can apply top tips from this Manhattan hot spot into your own party at home.

No matter what kind of bash you're interested in organizing, you're sure to find ideas in Serendipity Parties: Pleasantly Unexpected Ideas for Entertaining that will make the next even you host the top of the town. Each chapter focuses on a different party theme, for all types of special occasions.

In addition to finding great ideas to use the next time you host a party, you'll really enjoy looking at the beautiful photography in this book. You'll get a chance to see what many of the creative touches really look like before you make up your mind which suggestions to use for your own events.

Some of the great ideas you'll find include party planning tips like decorations, invitation designs, recipes, menus, games, and much more. Each chapter is focused on a different type of party, so you'll be able to refer to the book again and again to get inspiration for numerous soirees and celebrations.

Events included are:

  • Academy Awards Party
  • Birthday Party
  • Halloween
  • Holiday Sparkle
  • Moveable Feast
  • Séance Party
  • Showers
  • Summer Soirees
  • Sunday Tea
  • Valentine's Day

When you get the inspiration for your next party - whether you hold it at home, a party palace, or at a posh resort - from Serendipity Parties: Pleasantly Unexpected Ideas for Entertaining, your friends and family members will be excited to participate in the creative occasion.

About the Author & Serendipity 3

Author Stephen Bruce is one of the founders of Serendipity 3. Since its 1954 beginnings, Manhattan visitors have flocked to Serendipity 3 to enjoy a unique dining experience. The ambience of the restaurant is as fun as the food is delicious, and customers enjoy the creativity of the establishment's theatrical dining experiences.


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