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Every day a Valentine Day

Updated on February 16, 2015

Love as self-sacrifice and self-abnegation

Every day is a Valentine day, isn’t it?

Valentine not a show of cards, chocolates and flowers

Effectively quotes, poems, sms, gifts, a big part of the love greetings

Reversely the key is to prove every single day devotion and dedication

Yah, to be a devoted one means have strong loyalties to your beloved

Don’t wait the fourteenth of February to demonstrate your fondness

Avoid, while enjoying the day, any zest and eagerness: frivolous words

Yes, needless to say it’s not a candy love, let the dedicated heart celebrate

Allow, accept, loved one, the sacrifice of the true love: loyalty

Valentine day, not a day to date your love, but to thank her or him

Amazing day as it is a true everyday love, proof of fidelity

Lie, bluff, fake, the explosive love of the fourteenth of February

Exhibition of multi-bouquets of wishes and mountain of cards: a comedy

Never miss these opportunities to demonstrate the loyal everyday love

True tears in place of diarrhea of words

Indefectible commitment to the loved one

Nothing than tolerance means more in love

Enjoy everyday Valentine day by these two words, ’’Thank you’’

Don’t say, ‘’I ‘m right, you’re wrong’’: no winner nor loser in love

Accept your loved one as a self-sacrifice and self-abnegation

Yah, at the corner the true Love, the dedication, not a funny Fourteenth of F


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