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Fabulous Budget Baby Shower Gift Ideas Under $30

Updated on March 2, 2009

Your invited to her baby shower but you have no idea what to get.You want to give something that the new mom will get great use out of and will be praising your name every-time she uses it.Coming up with baby shower gift ideas can be tough.

Now, how to accomplish that and still not break the bank. For baby shower gifts, depending on the relationship you have with the new mother, a good limit is about $30 and even great baby shower gift ideas don't need to cost much more then that

"But don't the really great baby items costs $40 to $200?"

They don't have to. You may not be able to give her the baby swing or stroller the new mom is asking for but you can still come up with a great baby shower gift idea that she will just love

baby shower gifts
baby shower gifts

It Doesn't Have To Be On Her Registry

If wasn't on her wishlist should I still get it? If you've found the perfect gift that you want to give and it's not on her baby registry get it for her anyways. Her registery is the suggestions of the things she would like. Lets face it new moms walk through the isles of baby stores scanning everything they see and choosing usually the most or near most expensive items.

Ask any mom who has done a baby registery and chances are she will tell you that she would not have actually paid for the most expensive items and that she would have bought the more affordable but just as good items.

New moms would be more happy recieving a more affordable $30 baby monitor even though her baby registery had the bells and whistles version that rang up for $80 then not recieving one at all.

So as long as that same TYPE of item hasn't already been checked off her baby registery, buy with the consideration of not just what she wants, but what you can afford. The truth is, most new moms will tell you that the majority of the items she recieved at her babyshower weren't even on her registry.

The Nursury Monitor

Unless mom is living in a very small apartment chances are she's going to need a baby monitor. Being able to move freely around the house without having to check on her wee one gives her time to do more while baby sleeps.

Look for monitors that have cordless recievers. She should be able to grab it and go. I highly reccommend the Fisher Price Sounds 'N Lights Monitor as this is what I used but there are many others that work just as well to choose from.

The Stylish Diaper Bag

The new mom will have enough baby items with animals and shapes and the word baby all over everything. Having a stylish diaper bag can make her feel more hip and give her at least one thing to carry around that appeals to her fashion sense. Look for the best deals.

Some of the best diaper bags are simple in design, bold in color, but filled with compartments to put all of baby's stuff.

The Gift Basket

The great thing about Gift Baskets for baby showers is how personal they are. The small items that mom will be needing all arranged in a nicely presented package.

Gift baskets are best when they aren't constricted to a "basket". If the basket will still have a function after the party is over then it can work wonderfully. Square with flat bottom baskets with a fashionable cloth cover over it can always be used for socks or other small items. Otherwise, go with something that will find daily use.

Small or medium plastic storage containers can work wonderfully, especially if there is a lid. Mom can use these later to keep baby's dishes or baby's bathroom items in.

Use your imagination and have fun. If you would like to see more tips hop on over the Great Baby Shower Gift Ideas to get lists of items you can include with your gift.


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    • PiaC profile image


      7 years ago from Oakland, CA

      I always get very confused when buying shower gifts. This list will help me quite a bit the next time a friend has a party.


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