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Face Paint for Halloween Costume Parties

Updated on September 16, 2012

Face Paint for Halloween Costume Parties

Try a little face painting to give your costume that extra pizazz! Glam up your vampire or devil costume with cosmetic glitter for eye shadow. Forest fairies will be even better with glittery, vibrant floral eye designs.Your witch or warlock will frightfully awesome with instant aged, wicked looking faces (nobody will recognize you)! Your cat (tiger, leopard, etc) costume will look even better with a glamorous cat face.

If you choose to paint yourself, always use FDA approved face and cosmetic based paint make-up for your costume. Never use any other paint on your skin as severe reactions can occur. You can purchase some basic face paint kits at hobby stores. Usually hobby stores only carry basic colors and that's where it can be beneficial to book a professional face painter. I carry many colors and types of face paint make-up to choose from. I have metallic, UV paints for ultra-voilet lights and vibrant colors that are not available in stores. I also have jewels, glitter gels and glitter powder for extra bling!

I can also collaborate with your ideas for your costume. Slots for Oct 26th and 27th are already filling up for costume make-up. It’s already time to start thinking about Halloween!

Monster Face
Monster Face | Source


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