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Facts about Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan - Rules and Regulations

Updated on June 14, 2012
Muslim holy month of Ramadan
Muslim holy month of Ramadan

Ramadan Facts

A few moments later, we will meet again with Ramadan month. This is the month when we will get lots of peace in daily life. For Muslims, this is a month full of worship with many blessings that can be obtained. God has commanded fasting and prayer during Ramadan as various activities that must be passed every Muslim and believer in forming their piety. Thus, it is a best month to test the faith as well as sharing peace and happiness among fellow human beings. There are lot of wisdom and meaning that we can get from this month, to be patient and fight for world and afterlife.

For Muslims, this month is also best moment to meet new friends in various spiritual events. We can meet many new friends and family in a soothing atmosphere because everyone is trying to exercise patience and piety. Well, there are many facts and obligations that need to be known in this month. These things need to know if we want to lead worship in accordance with Shari ‘a. We know that it is all rules and regulations to be obeyed by every Muslims.

Most people understand Ramadan as fasting month. Indeed, from sunrise to sunset, Muslims have to starve and not eat or drink during the day. This activity lasted for thirty days and on the night they should pray Tarawih. But more than that, fasting has a deeper meaning. According to the etymological sense, Ramadan means to burn sins. During life, people do a lot of sins, and this is the month when God is generous enough to give a chance to remove all sins. Of course, such sins will not burn out by itself if we perform certain rituals. In essence, all worship must be done wholeheartedly, upright and through complete faith.

Month of Ramadan in Makkah
Month of Ramadan in Makkah
Ramadan, prayer times
Ramadan, prayer times

Prior to practice Ramadan, there are some things that need to be understood. Such matters are relating to rules and regulations that must be adhered to by every Muslim. Well, Ramadan fasting is the fourth pillar of Islam and obligatory. Before begin the fasting, a Muslim should intend the night before. After that, in early morning, it is recommended to eat the meal. The deadline is when the dawn starts to come. During fasting, one should not eat, drink, have sex (for those who are already married) and spit resentment. We must know that all worship in Islam requires the terms that could legitimate and worth in the sight of God. Well, there are some other things that can invalidate the fasting. If there are any restrictions that are violated, the fasting will be invalided.

However, Islam always makes it easy for its followers, as well as in Ramadan. There are some circumstances that allow a Muslim who could not perform fasting. They are children who have not hit puberty (age 12 years), pregnant or menstruating women, people with mental disorders, the elderly, sick people and travelers.

Fasting will make a Muslim become a perfect human being. There are many lessons that can be obtained in the month of Ramadan. We will have a lot of spiritual energy and positive thoughts. As already mentioned above, we will meet many new friends in Ramadan. But more than that, the meaning of new friend is a friend in other matters such as spirituality and peace of mind. In addition, our sins will be erased so that we can start a new life in the next month. However, it is certainly not easy. So, we must always learn about self control as we get closer to God, doing good to fellow humans and restore the Islamic way of peace. That is the real wisdom of Ramadan.


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