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A Magical Fairy Adventure Party

Updated on August 14, 2013

Saving the Last Unicorn

Inspired by the classic 1970s movie, The Last Unicorn, my daughter and I created an elaborate storyline for her fifth birthday. Several activity stations were organized in which the kids would battle against the Red Bull's evil minions to save the Unicorn. I've created this lens to provide the tools for other parents with young fairies in their home to recreate this wonderful birthday experience. To this day, it is one of the most memorable parties we have planned. Feel free to ask me questions if you need clarification.

Our Inspiration

The Last Unicorn
The Last Unicorn

We had watched this video in the summer preceding my daughter's fifth birthday and it was a fast favorite. As her birthday approached, she expressed interest in a fairy party and as we brainstormed we came up with the idea to create an adventure style party with challenges to save the Unicorn from the Red Bull - just like the movie!


The Invitation

Using Photoshop, I placed a picture of my daughter dressed in her dance clothes in a meadow. I then used brushes to create the appearance of wings and butterflies dancing around her.

Decor & Set Up

It is helpful to have several parents or older siblings present to help at each of the stations, however one adult could play the narrator role at all stations. I helped the kids move from station to station in an effort to assure everything flowed as smoothly as possible (there are always hiccups).

  1. Hang up: Large Unicorn & Red Bull Picture (picture of bull covers picture of unicorn)
  2. White holiday lights around railing or perimeter of dining area, gazebo
  3. Cakes and food on one table with a pretty table cloth
  4. Amulet activity materials on the other table (toaster oven, mitt, shrink film, pencils)
  5. Set-up each station as described in the clue descriptions below

Protective Amulets

While guests arrive, a station is set up to allow guests to create commemorate amulets that they can wear upon a cord around their neck or as a keychain. These can be made in a variety of ways.

1) With shrink film on which simple line-drawings (images the kids can color with markers) of animals are printed. When the child has finished coloring, the shrink film is put into a toaster oven to 'shrink' according to package instructions.

2) Soft polymer clay in which the kids use toothpicks to draw simple images (examples shown). Upon completion, the clay is allowed to harden according package instructions.

Opening ~ Meeting the Wise Owl

Wise Owl tells the story of the Unicorn and the Red Bull.

"Once upon a time, there was an enchanted forest where all kinds of good creatures lived happily: fairies, elves, dwarves, mermaids, dragons, etc. But the most important of them all was a unicorn, for it is his magic that made the forest enchanted and protected the animals that lived there. One day an evil red bull arrived at the forest. He captured the unicorn, locked it in a cave and placed a huge dragon at the entrance to guard it. The servants of the red bull crept into the forest as spies and to do the bulls bidding. Our goal is to help the good creatures fight against the evil creatures and release the unicorn.

The journey ahead will be a difficult one, however. Without the Unicorn’s presence in the enchanted forest, there are many evil creatures that you’ll surely meet along your way. You’ll want to stay together for more power and to look for small fairies to show you where to go next.

The Wise Owl gives out special jobs to everyone:

2 Mapbearers – to hold the map of the Enchanted Forest (create a simple map of a park or your backyard where your party will take place)

2 Navigators – to help decipher the map

3 Spellcasters – to take the spell & chant it 3 times whenever evil appears during their journey

3 Hunters – to be on the lookout for the evil Red Bull’s minions and alert the others of their presence & to keep an eye on the fairies that point them in the right direction

2 Animal Talent Spirits – to talk with friendly animals they may meet on their journey and thereby seek their advice

1 Birthday Girl – reads the clues for each mission

The Wise Owl then hands the first clue to the birthday girl.

Clue #1 - "You can't fight evil without a weapon. You will need to ask the Dwarves to make special weapons to help you in your quest."

Children seek out a dwarf (beneath a tree in the grassy area nearest the gazebo) and ask for them for weapons.

Dwarves explain to the children that they want to help. “Our hands are tied. The Swamp Monsters stole our tools. You’ll need to help us to fight the swamp monsters so that we can retrieve our tools. Only then can we make the weapons you’ll need.”

Children go to the swamp (grassy area) and play the tug-o-war game; all the kids against the fathers. Kids pull the monsters from their swamp, monsters lose their power and return the tools to the dwarves. The dwarves give the boys swords and shields (cut from silver bristol paper) and the girls get flower hair wreaths (pipe cleaners with silk flowers) and wands (styrofoam ball on a stick). Allow time for guests to decorate/finish their weapons to their desire. Have flowers, ribbons, gems stickers, etc. on hand on a table in the gazebo.

Dwarf gives birthday girl next clue.

Clue #2 - "Now your weapons need to become enchanted. The Flower Fairies may be able to enchant your weapons with the magic powder."

Children seek out a flower fairy (wildflower area) and ask her if she can help them to enchant their weapons.

The fairies express their sympathies and desire to help. “However, an Evil Water Spirit lives in a lake and has sent an army of poisonous fish against you. You’ll need to destroy them so that we may be able to help you.”

Hang several paper fish on a rope between two trees. The guests have to shoot them with a water gun. Allow the guests to do it one by one and remove one fish after each turn. When the guests finish shooting all the fish, the flower fairies sprinkle them with their magic powder and thereby enchant their wands and strengthen their swords/shields.

Flower Fairy gives birthday girl next clue.

Clue #3 - "You will need a special light to brighten dark places. Seek out the Elves for sacred star light."

Children seek out an elf (near Eastern picnic tables) and ask if she can help them for light.

The elves solemnly express their concern and willingness to contribute. "Our special phials for star light have been broken. We'll need your help to repair the phials."

Print several pictures of the beautiful bottles from the Internet, glue onto cardstock, and cut them into puzzle pieces. The kids are divided into pairs and have to solve the puzzles. When the puzzle is solved, the elves give each pair of guests a small flashlight.

Elf gives birthday girl the next clue.

Clue #4 - "You'll need strength on your journey. Seek the help of the strongest in the forest, the ancient Tree Guards."

Children encounter a Tree Guards (near rock circle) and ask for strength.

Tree Guards are sad and remorseful. "We are ready to help, but the Trolls are cutting our trees and burning them. Trolls are scared of star light. Can you stop them?"

Hide a lot of small pictures of the trolls between the bushes and tell the kids that the trolls are afraid of light. They have to look for the trolls and shine their lights on them to scare them away. When all the trolls are scared off, get the magic potion (mango or papaya nectar) from the trees guards.

Children walk into the meadow to drink their magic strength potion and are surprised as they come across a magical field of strawberries. In advance, strawberries are dipped in chocolate and wrapped in plastic wrap. While the kids are occupied at stations 2 & 3, an adult will need to disperse the strawberries by sticking a skewer into the base of the strawberry and then poking the other end into the ground so the strawberries are scattered about the field.

As the children sit down to eat and drink, a Tree Guard gives the birthday girl the next clue which she reads after the children have rested and are ready to resume their quest.

Clue #5

"Beware of River Monsters in the river you approach. The winged horse may help you cross."

Children approach the play structure where they observe Pegasus nearby. They ask for his help in crossing the river.

Pegasus ensures them that he can help. “I can help you get to the other side of the river by air, but before I can assist you, you must first help me to gather my foals so I know they will be safe in my absence.”

The children will need to work in pairs or small groups to move balloons through an obstacle course (up and over the play structure) by volleying the balloons to one another. Allowing a ‘foal’ to touch the ground may be injurious.

Upon completion of the task, a dad lifts each child under his/her arm and twirls him/her in circles across the bark chip area and thereby over the ‘river’. When all children have reached the other side safely, Pegasus gives the birthday girl the next clue.

Clue #6 (Stations 6, 7 & 8) - "The forest is inhabited by Giant Spiders. Move quick and efficient to avoid capture. Then seek out the Fauns and inquire abou

On the other side of the river, children enter the woods with Giant Spiders and indeed get entangled in a web. They must work quickly to get through.

Once they are freed of the spider web, children encounter a frightening Dragon which won't allow them to pass. The Animal Talent Spirits introduce themselves to the Fauns (adult or older siblings), grazing nearby and ask their advice. The Fauns invite the children to play music to make the dragon sleep. Encourage the children to invent different musical instruments from the objects they find in the park. Their enchanting singing and musical talents cause the dragon to fall asleep and the guests can pass by freely.

Passing the Dragon, the travelers finally get to the cave of the Red Bull (entrance to gazebo). The Red Bull has an inner eye to see his enemies, so he attempts to catch the kids with closed eyes (Marco Polo style game in grassy area), if he can. After a few minutes of 'tag', the Red Bull is defeated and the unicorn is free. Remove the picture of the red bull to reveal the beautiful Unicorn. The unicorn will reward everyone with a delightful feast.

The Dragon is Soothed by Music

It's All About the Cake

Food for the Celebratory Feast

  1. Melon balls and blueberries on skewers with star fruit on top
  2. Lemonade w/ pop rocks
  3. Red cabbage bowl with ranch dip with veggie sticks
  4. Cakes (individual flower cakes for each guest)
  5. Chocolate covered strawberries (served during quest)
  6. Mango Nectar (served during quest)

What Are Your Children Passionate About? - Tell us about the parties you've planned for your kiddos.

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