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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Updated on June 18, 2009

Stumped on a great gift for Dad this Father’s Day? Here are some ideas to make the day memorable for you both.

Plan a day together

Think about the things Dad likes to do and plan a day full of those things for the two of you! If he likes to fish, rent a boat from an outfitter on a local lake and get started early! If he likes to run, find a good running trail that he might not have tried before and go with him. Reserve seats at his favorite restaurants, or order a pizza and rent his favorite movie. He will appreciate all the effort you put into his big day!

Quirky Cufflinks

If Dad wears suits to work, search the internet for unusual cufflinks. If Dad has a hobby or interest, chances are there are cufflinks out there for him—everything from Darth Vader to Legos! You can even order cufflinks with secret messages to personalize your gift.

The Kindle

If Dad likes to read, this is the gift for him! The Kindle allows you to download books in electronic form and read them on the handheld device, eliminating the need to lug around heavy books, or find somewhere to store them at the house when you have finished them. Plus, the Kindle can hold up to 1,500 books! Dad can download books from any location. The Kindle also comes in large-screen for easier reading, and now offers a read-it-to-me feature!

Gift Baskets

There are lots of options for gift baskets for Dad, so you can choose one that suits his interests and tastes. Choose a food-themed gift basket if Dad enjoys a particular type of food. Choose a gift basket that is gardening or sports themed, if those are his interests. If you can’t find the perfect gift basket, make your own! Consider including many different types of items that are related to an event—popcorn, Coke, and his favorite movie, for instance.

Gag Gifts

If Dad has a great sense of humor, consider getting him a gag gift! Search the internet for funny gifts related to his interests. Many T-shirts and coffee mugs come with funny slogans. Action figures, song recordings, and other novelties will give you plenty to choose from. Or take one of your family’s inside jokes and create a gag gift of your own.

Image Credit: dan4th, Flickr


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