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Father's Day Ideas & Gifts for Dad

Updated on June 2, 2013

My Dad Loved to BBQ... Every Sunday... Rain or Shine!

My Dad
My Dad | Source

First of All...

Happy Father's Day!

Celebrate with Dad...

The easiest way to celebrate with your dad on Father's Day is to have a care-free day. Remember, dads work hard and are usually help him to relax and enjoy your company. He will be very grateful! Your company is all he needs, this is his special day. This can be a simple meal or grilling at home with his favorite music, and all his children. Prepare dad's favorite foods, drinks, and desserts.

Enjoy favorite stories as you were growing up -- remembering places your dad took you. If there are grandchildren, they may enjoy knowing about this too.

The greatest gifts of all, are the ones that can't be bought.

How do you celebrate...

What do you usually do on Father's Day?

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Gift Ideas for Dad...

Sometimes dads are hard to shop for...they have everything.

  • Find something dad will appreciate because it's his hobby.
  • If dad loves gardening or home projects, give a gift card from his favorite store.
  • Help dad with a project he has always talked about and has not been able to do
  • If he loves golf, give a gift certificate from his favorite golf resort, even better go with him.
  • Give him helpful items, such as a letter opener with his name or initials etched on it...or a paper shredder, it will keep him clutter-free.
  • A fishing trip together can be great!

Keep it simple, do it with love, just be there. Do it for Father's Day and everyday.

Why not celebrate, even when dad is no longer around?

My father is no longer around and we enjoy old stories about places we went to, or funny things we did together, as well as things that we got in "trouble" for and dad's reaction. We often have BBQ's because it was his favorite thing to do on Sundays...rain or shine.

He remains forever in our hearts!

Enjoy being with dad any day...not just Father's Day.

Always spend as much time as possible with your dad. Create long lasting memories. They last a lifetime. Don't regret the day he is no longer here and wish you had spent more time together. If you are a dad, spend as much time as possible with your kids, young or adults...this is what they will remember when they thinks of "dad". There will be great stories to tell future, pass it on, take plenty of photos too.

What is your favorite memory of Father's Day?>

Feel free to share your most memorable Father's Day in the comment area of this hub.


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